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Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam’s Teaser Site Is Now Live

To make the wait for Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam a bit easier, you can check out its updated teaser site – where you can view a selection of screenshots and learn more about the Nintendo 3DS role-playing game. More content will be featured on the full site, which Nintendo says is coming soon. Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam will release in North America on January 22. It is available now in Europe, Australia and Japan.

2 thoughts on “Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam’s Teaser Site Is Now Live”

  1. Arguably weakest M&L title. Don’t expect Paper Mario elements in this game since there are no any. Expect weak and very linear story and poor, repetitive mini games.

    Boss battles did offer some challenge, though.

    1. Wasn’t going to buy it anyway since the M&L series isn’t my favorite, but I do hope we get a proper Paper Mario that’s not that horrid Sticker Stae.

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