Check Out This $80 Fox McCloud Stone Figure

Star Fox fans may want to keep an eye on the limited-edition Fox McCloud stone figure, which is exclusive to GameStop. Priced at $79.99, the eight-inch figure displays a cross-armed Fox in his iconic flight suit. It is made from resin stone and premium hand painted. There will be only 5,000 of them available at launch on February 9, so it might be a good idea to reserve yours now.



    1. Do you have Gamestop/Eb Games there? If not you don’t get it. It’s Gamestop/EB Games exclusive meaning it’s more then likely only for North America. (Maybe Australia to?) But with only 5,000 they sure as hell can’t release it everywhere around the world.

      1. Well, when you’re a collector like myself, you don’t want to spend too much money on just one item. I collect all games, but retro is my thing. I like buying as many games as possible each month. I can buy DOZENS of retro games in a month, compared to paying 50 and 60 dollars just for one. So I’ve become VERY particular and stubborn when it comes to prices. And $80.00 just for a statue (no matter how cool it is) is out of the question for me. That would take away my precious game money.

  1. This statue is awesome made from resin stone and i have never bought these type of items, i have never seen and heard of video game characters statues so it’s bit surprising for me.

  2. If I recall correctly the Link ones are of a similar material and limited number, yet I still manage to see like 5 of them in every store I go to, collecting dust on the shelves lol

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