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Video: New Hyrule Warriors Characters Running On Wii U

We were all interested to see how the new characters in Hyrule Warriors Legends look running on the Wii U. Well, today we had a chance to see them in glorious HD thanks to a Japanese live stream. That’s right, you can see the King of Hyrule, Linkle and the other characters in action in the video embedded below. These new characters will come eventually as downloadable content.


14 thoughts on “Video: New Hyrule Warriors Characters Running On Wii U”

    1. sasori obinna: the puppet master

      so in order to get the characters on the wii u version , you have get the 3ds version….. this blows

  1. Why complain, either you buy the game or not, i swear video game players are some of the whiniest little bitches out there, i have the wii u version i enjoyed it and ill be picking up the 3ds version without any problems….

    1. Not everbody owns a 3DS,so should we buy a 3DS game just to unlock extra characters on our Wii U game.What’s frustrating us that they could easily release them as DLC for Wii U owners but so far it doesn’t seem like they will.

    2. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

      >>>A game meant for the Wii U suddenly one day out of nowhere gets made for the 3DS with extra contentvand for free, now forcing you to get it to have those characters on the Wii U version and you wonder why 99% are mad>>>

      >>>This 3DS version shouldn’t even exist>>>

  2. This better come part of the DLC bundle for free, and I need new levels to even be interested in playing with them. I already beat the game in all levels of difficulty once I thought they were done introducing content, then the 3DS port gets announced…

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