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Sakurai Says Why Wario’s Shoulder Ram Was Taken Out Of Current Smash Bros

Super Smash Bros creator Masahiro Sakurai has taken to his Famitsu column to explain why he decided to remove Wario’s Shoulder Ram move in Super Smash Bros on Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. A fan asked Mr. Sakurai why it was that Wario’s move has now been replaced by a backhand punch instead. Sakurai replied that the reason behind this is because they wanted to make Wario appear stronger. Here’s what he said.

Shoulder Ram was a move that made him use his own body which is his hitbox to attack, making him easier to get hit. It had no range, and it was also difficult to push opponents off the cliff with it. Since Smash Attacks, especially the horizontal ones are moves that will decide the game, it was changed to make him stronger. Sakurai added that if the team were to cling too much to reenacting the original moves, sometimes it wouldn’t be too interesting.


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33 thoughts on “Sakurai Says Why Wario’s Shoulder Ram Was Taken Out Of Current Smash Bros”

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    1. Yah, he could have replaced that random ass motorcycle move for Wario’s SonicTackle. Could have easily been implemented and could act the same as the motorcycle, like using it in mid air makes you rise a bit and you can cancel by jumping which also extends recovery to the stage.

    1. Too bad the stupid ass boring online play only lets you taunt twice… 3 times if your lucky. It sucks if your kirby and want to get rid of a power by taunting but you cant because taunt limitations.

    1. I don’t think the reasons are solid.
      The shoulder ram is literally Wario’s most iconic attack, it’s the main mechanic in his games. It seems really weird to me that they chose to remove it. It’s about the same thing as removing Pikachu’s thunderbolt, Mario’s fire ball, or Bowser’s fire breath.
      If there are issues with it, he could just fix them (i.e. raise the range, make it more effective) instead of just entirely removing it.
      The reasons they gave for choosing a removal don’t make much sense either, there are many other characters that use their whole body for certain moves, and yes, their bodies are their hitboxes too.

      It’s true that there will always be people complaining about changes – the thing is, sometimes that complaining is justified, because the changes in question were unnecessary or for the worse.
      Of course Sakurai is free to do whatever he wants with his game and its characters, and if he wants the move to be removed, it’d gonna get removed – but I think it would be greatly appreciated if the reasons he gives for said changes actually made sense.

  1. With all due respect to his hard work, he can be a bit ignorant and unfair with characters of franchises he personally doesn’t care too much about. He’s really biased with so many characters for Fire Emblem, yet Samus, from an iconic Nintendo franchise and dedicated fan base, doesn’t even get a second rep. Regardless, I’m sure the new Fire Emblem character will be fun and a breath of fresh air from the rest.

    1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

      >>>Well Fire Emblem is more iconic than Metroid in our homeworld so it’s not a surprise he would favour it regardless if him being a fan or not>>>

  2. Man, are people this whiny over one move? I get the iconicness. I get you people liked the move. I did too. But sheesh you guys are acting like it’s the end of the world. “Sakurai has bullshit excuse for bullshit changes, stop the presses.” All of you, grow up.

    1. “But but but but Ridley isn’t too big.”

      “Chrom is more deserving than a Gary Sue self insert like Robin.”

      “Takamaru is more deserving than a dog that laughs.”

      And the list goes on.

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