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Keiji Inafune Responds To Kamiya Tweets

Polygon has written up an interesting feature with Mighty No.9 creator Keiji Inafune. During the interview Inafune responds to Platinum Game’s boss Hideki Kamiya comments on Twitter calling him a business man rather than a video game creator. As you would expect Inafune defends his position and says he is the kind of person who thinks about both sides.

“I didn’t pay too much attention to [Kamiya’s] comment, because as a game creator you have to think about both the creative and the business sides,” says Inafune. “Neither of those can survive without the other. I’m the kind of person who thinks about both sides. And if he thinks that I’m more of a businessman, that’s fine.”

“You know, that’s his opinion, and he’s free to say what he wants,” says Inafune. “However, I’m not sure if making negative comments towards another game creator is necessarily a good thing, because we’re all in the same boat. We’re all in the same industry, working together. …

“Also, I’m not sure if he had played the game when he wrote those tweets. Because if he’d actually played the game after it came out, and then said something like that, then I’d say, ‘Yeah, sure. That’s what you think.’ But at this point, I don’t think he’s played it yet. And maybe that’s why he said it’s a copy of my old game. But hopefully when the game comes out, he’ll play it and have a different opinion.”


41 thoughts on “Keiji Inafune Responds To Kamiya Tweets”

  1. Lol Kamiya blasts everyone that’s kinda his thing. You should be honored he bashed you. And frankly Kamiya has a leg up on you Ina fine he hasn’t shaken people’s faith him him like you have managed to do.

  2. Kamiya is right though. It is a total copy. And even with all the extra unnecessary Kickstarter funding, Mighty No 9 is just turning out to be a massive disappointment.

    Inafune promised too much. And he does seem much more like a business man concerned more about money than satisfying fans. Simply taking advantage of us Mega Man fans. It sucks, because I used to respect Inafune a lot. And now I can barely stand reading about him.

    1. And I should clarify.. I know the point of the game was to make a successor to Mega Man. However, the characters seem more like generic Mega Man OCs than having any true passion behind it. The levels, from what we’ve seen/played, are very generic and uninspired.

      That original art showcasing the concept of the game? That looked awesome. The end result, however, is just a reminder of what it could have been. Such a mess.

      1. The main thing was the stretch goals being cut despite having $4 million.

        And then tried to introduce an animated series of Might No 9. Even though no one has seen the game yet, he’s already milking it.

        Then some feminist was hired and tried to redesign the main character as herself and put into the game. Just a bunch of shady stuff.

      2. I believe he developed Onimusha, which honestly was a really good game on the Ps2. Gotta give him credit for that, I loved that game as a kid.. But other than that, not much. He was NOT the creator of Mega Man, like everyone thinks. He created the character Zero, and a few other things associated with Mega Man. Honestly, without him, nothing much would have changed from the original Mega Man games. He is greedy, and doesn’t care about the franchise. He is trying to take advantage of a fanbase for a profit.

      1. Have you played this game on everything it will be released on and determined that for yourself or did you read many publications say so or did you pull it out of your ass and I’m not buying this possible shit game on console lol and yeah the vita is dead with 1st party but obviously not everything else which is 3rd party and indies and 2nd party and I don’t care about sales i play games and which I see a lot of vita games I would like to buy whether they are old or new and since I got back into rugs not too long ago it is the perfect system for those games and other genres I like to play which I may not buy on consoles and I will mainly buy AAA games on consoles with some indies and other games that are not on the vita and keep being stupid child

      2. Technically, the worst version would be the 3DS version(for obvious reasons). The Vita version will be better graphically, and I’m not buying a platformer knock-off of Megaman for a home console, so I’ll be getting the cheaper Vita version, too, when it ever releases.

  3. Chains of Lucifer X3 {Let the shackles be released! Or fall forever!}

    An opinion that happens to be one shared among most people. Inafune is more of a businessman than he is a developer at this point. Instead of stopping at the successful kickstarter of Mighty No.9, he went & started asking for even more money before even getting this game out the bloody door. Wait, wait! I got a better explanation.

    Mighty No.9 is the staircase. Janey Briggs is the other project Inafune is trying to get funding for.

    The Stairs, aka Mighty No.9, wasn’t even fixed before Inafune tried to shove Janey Briggs, aka his next project out the door.

    1. Chains of Lucifer X3 {Let the shackles be released! Or fall forever!}

      Oh & the other chick is Inafune himself! He didn’t make sure the stairs were fixed up before trying to get his new project out the door! Now Mighty No.9 is a broken mess & the other project sadly won’t make it out the door because it was killed off by the unfinished, or rather broken, stairs.

    2. And that’s the main problem. In fact, a lot of people actually believe Inafune is keeping Mighty Number Nine from finishing because it was such a money generator, and he doesn’t want to give that up. He is obviously using funds received from Might Number 9 to work on other projects. And that’s about as low as you can get IMO. Taking fans money to work on other projects that fans didn’t ask for? He is abusing kickstarter, and people need to stop sending him money… He is a piece of shit, honestly.

    3. ~*Let the shackles be released!*~ Chains of Lucifer X3 ~*Or fall forever!*~

      Wait. I got it wrong. Janey Briggs is Mighty No.9 & her shoe & the stairs are Inafune’s other projects keeping Mighty No.9 from getting out the door. Yeah. Much better.

  4. Inafune can’t be made about Mighty No.9 being a ripoff, yet he refuses to make a new Megaman game. Inafune let Kamiya. If you wanna keep the championship belt, you have to fight for it [Rocky III].

  5. Kamiya has always been an asshat. But he has the right to be one. He’s honest, usually right, maybe in a harsh way but still. Inafune hopefully will learn from his mistakes.

  6. Kamiya says what he thinks. I support this. Inafune says what he thinks. I support this, too. Both are right, but remember, Inafune isn’t making the game himself. Comcept isn’t Neurotically Yours, one guy isn’t making it alone. Inafune surrounded himself with people he thought could get the job done. A developing company is entitled to make mistakes when it first starts up. It took almost a decade of “mistakes” for me to wake up to Capcom changing into douchenozzles. Let’s give MN9, Red Ash, and Scalebound a shot before we begin to pass judgement. MN9 is an ambitious project for a startup. I’m gonna love this game on my Wii U.

  7. The day Inafune and Kamiya are in the same boat will be the day hell freezes over.
    Kamiya is a genius, Inafune was just Kitamura’s bitch for a while and then scammed a ton of people to make a failure of a Megaman copycat; he’s right were he belongs, bitching at irrelevant SJW clickbait sites about how oppressive mean tweets are.

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  10. Everyone that keeps bashing Inafune is complete IDIOTS and doesn’t deserve to play his games! I’ll always respect him. People turn on him for stupid reasons. At least wait until Mighty No. 9 comes out. And if you hate it, THEN you can mouth off (for awhile). But still, not every game from every company is going to be perfect. So the key thing is to not expect too much. Or else you’re guaranteed to be disappointed.

    1. Guess what? The beta was released months ago, and nobody who played it liked it; can they complain or do you have another authoritarian decree on why they don’t have a right to express an opinion?
      And how is the gameplay somehow going to change my opinion on the crap art direction and children’s cartoon writing that I’ve already witnessed?
      And really, you say this shit as if I cared to play Mighty No. 9 an paying for it was such a privilege, as if Inafune’s constant lies about his work on Mega Man, e-begging and suit behavior and Dina’s bullshit in the forums hadn’t already killed my feeble interest it it.
      Oh boo-hoo, I don’t get to play the fail Mega Man rip-off! I guess I’l just have to make do with Kitamura’s REAL Mega Man and Kamiya’s masterpieces DMC, The Wonderful 101 and Bayonetta, HOW CAN I GO ON?!

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