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Terraria 3DS Update Now Available In North America, Europe Next Week

Terraria fans can now rejoice as there is a new update now available on the 3DS. Fixing various bugs and known issues, the patch is live in North America as of earlier this week, with Europe looking to follow on February 11th. Though the update does not add any new content, a team of developers have been working to a checklist of issues. Those interested can view all the known bugs on the official Terraria forums. A couple of notable bugs fixed were Duke Fishron not spawning and the Angler text only appearing in English.

With that said, a larger update is expected at the end of March for the 3DS eShop title, adding new content and resolving additional bugs. The developers confirmed on the official forums that they will share more details on what that update will contain in due course.

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    1. It’s quite good offline, if you’re having doubts. I have cleared the game 100% on the PS3 and PS4 solo on both occasions. Multiplayer definitely adds another element of fun, but this is a game truly capable of standing on its own without additional players.

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