Splatoon Producer Teases The Possibility Of A Sequel

It looks like a sequel to Splatoon is shaping up to be on the cards. According to producer Hisashi Nogami, the Wii U shooter might eventually get a follow-up if enough fans show their support toward the original game. Since Splatoon is the start of a brand-new franchise, Nintendo wants to make sure it is handling it with care. You can read Nogami’s comment about a potential Splatoon 2 below:

“We want to raise this new IP with care, so maybe we’ll get a chance to make it happen if players support us.”

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  1. I can remember several years ago, like waaay back when GameCube was on the rise and out for a while. Nintendo talked about wanting to make a shooter that could rival Halo. I remember something specifically about they wanted to make it in a fashion that used weapons not like other games did. I wish I could find that again, but more to my point. I never would have thought that (Splatoon) would have possibly been that brain child. I always thought Nintendo would find a way to peg FPS and do it in a way that would be different from the rest, have that Nintendo pulse and make it fun. While I’m not completely impressed with the game, I’ll say it’s done very well for Nintendo and the genre I suppose.

    So it’s not surprising they would follow in the game’s success and build off that. I bet the next one’s gnarly.

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    1. Splatoon was made by young blood devs who weren’t even at Nintendo in the Gamecube days lol. They were trained by Miyamoto, mintue 1 guy who has worked on Animal Crossing before. So, no, Splatoon was THEIR idea and had no connection to anything back in the Gamecube says lol.

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      1. Hmm, ya but the idea is that the idea itself has been in the works for years man. IDC when they arrived, maybe it just didn’t happen till now. But I see the point you’re making.


  2. Do I want another Splatoon? Hell yeah!

    Do I want it to be so soon? No way- let’s continue to enjoy this one and take the time necessary to make a sequel REALLY right (more content out of the gate than this one had, ditch the stage rotation or at least make it 4 every block of time, etc.).

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    1. Yes! The 2 stages per rotation is severely flawed. I usually end up in the same stage more often than not for some reason.

      And I’ll second the ‘take your time’ approach. I’m still very much enjoying Splatoon, and I want a sequel that’s well thought out and expands on this game. More weapon choices, more gear, more customizability, an expanded single person experience and a more integrated Amiibo functionality.

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  3. There is no reason why they wouldnt make a sequel, lets be real for now. It simply wouldnt make sense for them to leave it at one game, especially when the first was great but still had a plethora of things that couldve been done better.

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  4. Splatoon 2. Make the player have a chance to ally with the octolings or inkings. When starting up the game, inklings will continue to spawn at inkopolis and greet the squad bitches. While octolings will spawn in Octovalley or OctoCity and greet the octotwins or Octobros or octobitches upon starting the game as well. Hire me now.

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    1. Or, and I’ve thought about this, make all-new modes pitting Inklings against Octolings where each side has a different objective to win.

      Like some modes in Team Fortress 2, maybe Attack/Defend. The Octolings are invading and the Inklings must stop them from taking their points. If the Octolings can capture them all, they win; if the Inklings can save even one point, they win. Points work like the Splat Zones and the Octolings must hold it for a certain amount of time to capture it; if Octolings cap a point, it cannot be captured back by the Inklings and acts as a safe zone (cannot be hurt while inside, Inkling ink cannot pass a barrier), allowing an Octoling to wait there if his/her team gets wiped out and giving them a safe super-jump back in.

      Another thing I thought of was being able to heal teammates by shooting your ink on them. As a frequent Medic player in TF2, I have actually tried doing this in Splatoon hoping it would help a teammate under fire.

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      1. Um no. There could easily be 4 player split screen on TV. The gamepad only allows you to see the whole map and jump to other places on the map, and hey, guess what? Those features aren’t that important. You could easily play the game without having to jump from place to place. By the way, a sequel would be on the NX. No gamepad. So I guess you won’t be getting the sequel.


  5. Add more to the single player then I’ll consider it, but until then, no, just no.
    They really should put an extensive single player campaign in this game, I know it’s supposed to focus on multiplayer, but adding more single player content wouldn’t fuckin kill anyone, and in fact it would have made the game even better! This isn’t the nintendo we all grew to love, but rather an old burnt-out shell of it’s once inspirational former self! what little youth I had left in me died while typing this, and came to terms with the sad fact that this is true.

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    1. ~*I like this Brandon. He doesn’t have his head up Nintendo’s ass. *thumbs up to Brandon Stewart*~

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  6. ~*I’ll definitely get Splatwon. Of course, they’ll have to get rid of the bullshit rotation crap, make a longer single player campaign with the ability to have local co-op for it, have match customization like how long you want the time limit to be or how you want the match to decide how you win like whether you want it to go by how many “kills” you took or how much of the field your team covered with their ink, & at least a friends only voice chat.*~

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  7. With all the massive IPs they’ve decided to clearly skip the Wii U with to develop for the NX, and something like Splatoon getting a second coming on the NX……it better have a damn good launch this time round. I feel like Kimishima understands the importance of the NX’s launch, and I really hope he plans it all out with strong release announcements earlier on, even just mentioning something in development will get people aroused to nab an NX if the IP is strong enough. A splatwon would certainly be a welcome addition to a really sexy starting lineup.

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    1. I more feel like Kimishima is finally going to kill Nintendo. At least that is what my gf lately said to me xD

      See? No Nintendo Direct. And in 14 days its march!

      When Satoru Iwata would be still living, there would be no 4 months time without a direct ;) Kimishima = Worst Nintendo CEO, since…1990s.


    1. BTW, I ended w/ “only” on purpose. It’s a practice I’ve seen pick up steam recently, and it really bugs me. There’s certain times to end a sentence with “only,” and people have been doing more than that as of late. Any reason for this? I’m just curious.


  8. I imagine if they can find a way to add new things to it then they’ll make a sequel. Personally I can’t think of things to add besides weapons, clothes and stages, which we’ve gotten for free. It’ll be interesting to see what they come up with in the inevitable sequel.


  9. If the rumors are true about a NX handheld and NX console I always figured it would make a sequel to splatoon with 4 player splitscreen local co-op for online play together much more possible. As long as everyone brings their NX handheld over to their friend’s house everyone should be good to go. If they make the Wii U gamepad backwards compatible with the NX it would make everything even easier (on our wallets).


    1. And what do people do, which have no Handheld-NX but just a console-NX? Are you stupid? xD All optional THINGs will fail.

      The Circle Pad Pro for 3DS failed. The PS Move Failed. Kinect 1 failed. Kinect 2 failed….what more proof do you need? It doesn`T work like this.

      Nintendo will just wait and see how many people are going to buy handheld-NX.

      And guess what? So far i don`t even CONSIDER buying an NX ;) So…hmmm- guess Nintendo will have to deal without my money in the future if they start doing stupid Kimishimas PROFIT-way…


      1. Well like I said, if they made the wii u gamepad backwards compatible it would help out the people that don’t have the NX handheld as they could use the gamepad as an extra controller instead. I figured that would be implied from the final sentence of my above statement. I guess that was pretty “stupid” of me to assume people like you had adequate reading comprehension skills. :P


  10. To be honest, Spla2n would be nice, but right now the said tweet alone is just mere speculation. The game producer is simply implying that a second game may be possible if there is enough support for the current game.

    While I do agree with those that say there should be more to the next one as far as first player campaign (co-op would be a nice option for those that want to play along side of a partner, or even a choice of play difficulty) and online Multiplayer (more randomized stages and relevant modes) if the next game is released, I do agree with those that like the other aesthetics the game had to offer (quirky characters, intriguing story and hidden backstory, unique weaponry, etc.)

    Although, I kinda have to muse the whole thing of the random people popping up on here acting irrationally talking about which game system is better. This is a bit of news about a game rumor, NOT A BIT OF NEWS ABOUT A GAME SYSTEM. While not all systems are created equal, that doesn’t mean you can go around SP’ing about console master race bull hock and whatnots. Save that craziness for a blog referring to what game system is better. Jeez people.


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