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GameStop: Preorder Hyrule Warriors Legends And Get Character Art Book


Hyrule Warriors Legends is launching on the Nintendo 3DS next month and you may be deciding where you’re going to purchase it from. Well, GameStop has made things a little easier for you as it has announced that those who preorder the game with the US retailer will be entitled to a 16-page character art book. That’s not a bad pre-order bonus at all. Hyrule Warriors Legends is out March 25th and costs $39.99

Pre-purchase the Hyrule Warriors Legends game, and receive a special-edition, soft-cover, 16-page character art book exclusively at GameStop. Learn more about key characters and view concept art for warriors and weapons, including the new hero Linkle and her mysterious compass – along with Toon Link, Tetra, and King Daphnes, who sailed across the Great Sea to save the world from evil!

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      1. Nothing, I was just saying (if it’s even possible anyways…) that I might preorder it from GS just for the bonus, then return the game only and re-buy it at BB, (they have gamersclub and a good point system)

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