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Nintendo 3DS: Pokemon Sun And Moon Confirmed Coming Holiday 2016

Nintendo and the Pokemon Company has confirmed that Pokemon Sun and Moon are the next Pokemon games and they’re coming to the Nintendo 3DS in holiday 2016. The news was broadcast during today’s Pokemon Direct presentation. Pokemon from the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console versions of Red, Blue and Yellow be transferred to the Pokemon Bank.

60 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS: Pokemon Sun And Moon Confirmed Coming Holiday 2016”

      1. The only problem is that the cheat mew that you get in the game won’t be available to trade to bank or other games, or be usable. I’ve had the same problem with black and white Pokemons not being usable in oras or X and y.

    1. I guess it was cool for those who WEREN’T spoiled before hand, which is probably a small majority of the fans lol. xD
      Other than that, the new information I thought was pretty interesting was transferring the old pokemons from Blue, Red, and Yellow to the newest version was pretty cool. xD

  1. Such a disappointment: absolutely no image or info! Just mini bits on development but other than that? Nothing! I mean, don’t get me wrong, as a die-hard fan since first gen, the presentation moved me, but I was really hoping to see something.
    I mean, when they announced Pokémon X/Y, we had a full trailer with an awful lot of details…

    1. Yes we did get information and pictures! They were shown through the computer screen. I know it wasn’t much, but channels like Gamexplain and such will be able to extract a lot from that 20 seconds of footage seen through the computer screen.

  2. Most unexpected Nintendo Direct ever! It surprised all of us! Undoubidubtley!
    Sad to hear 0 information about Pokemon Go…

  3. I feel bad for Pokemon fans. That was a weak Direct. The leak ruined it. Aside from the language stuff and the bank, they didn’t say anything about the new games. Just a commercial with a bunch of people playing Pokemon. That would have been ok if the Direct was longer, but when the Direct is only six minutes and four minutes are a commercial, you wasted everyone’s time. Even if the name of the games wasn’t leaked, the Direct was still extremely light on info. No footage or gameplay as other people commented. If they didn’t have anything to provide, they should have waited until they had more to show (well in this case anything at all to show). I’m not a Pokemon guy, but I empathize. Then again, maybe some people were perfectly happy with this Direct. More power to them if they enjoyed it. The Diect doesn’t affect me either way.

      1. Tourney takes place this weekend in 8 locations across the US. I’m lucky enough to live in one of the locations. Although, it’s limited to the first 16 people in my age group, I’m going to try to get there early but I ain’t camping out for that shit lol

  4. What the hell was that ლ(ಠ_ಠლ) that was barely even an announcement. I was really surprised to see the direct would be “Approx 6 mins”, but they spent like 5mins talking about past games and I was wondering if those leaks were fake for a second with that time spent. And If those leaks hadn’t popped up, I would have at least been somewhat satisfied to know a new game is coming.

    1. Lastly, this was not worth a Direct for. They could have posted something like this on their site or something. Everyone was expecting much more from this Direct, especially with their standards being 30 mins long.

    2. I think the confirmation of this and the fact that you can use Pokemon bank is pretty good though. I actually don’t mind waiting for new details. I like to get the information over time and by the time they say their last bit of info, the game would be pretty close to release! I remember when XY was revealed and they showed off quite a bit. Knowing all that made the wait seem to go on for eternity. Lol.

    1. Why does everyone immediately think of lunatone and solrock?
      Mean while me:” omg umbreon and espeon are getting their own game *~*”

  5. It was pretty strange to announce the games, yet not show any gameplay footage. I dunno… it just kind of fell flat for me. Nothing was exciting about it. The montage was nice, but that’s about it.

    I hope they make some sort of significant change, going forward from X/Y. My whole problem with Pokemon is that they barely make any changes… ever. My first Pokemon game was Yellow, and then I didn’t play any other entry until X because it actually looked like a big enough change to bring me back. It was great. But I got bored with it, and if this new one looks exactly the same, only based in a different region, I won’t be coming back just yet.

    But there’s millions of people that will buy it regardless, proven time and time again. So my opinion doesn’t matter at all. lol

      1. I don’t think that means anything, actually. Nintendo shows the New 3DS in every new game even though they don’t take any advantage of the system. Just a way of advertising probably.

        1. But still if they don’t release pokemon amiibo cards the way they’ve been doing with animal crossing they’d basically be throwing away a huge cash grab opportunity.

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  7. So they’re going to release a huge, new Pokemon game at the same time they’re rumored to launch a new handheld/home console? NX 2017 confirmed? NX Home 2016 confirmed? Nothing confirmed? EVERYTHING CONFIRMED?

  8. I’ve never played Pokemon. Where to start? Don’t own a 3ds/2ds any longer but saw the new 2ds pokemon bundles so thinking of getting one of those if/when they come to NA. What’s the best game to start with? I don’t like playing retro games on newer devices mind you. So with that in mind which game/system is best for a beginner? Thanks in advance

    1. I recommend Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire. That one has the gameplay improvements XY has, it has a lot of Pokemon from earlier generations so it would be useful using that to catch them and transfer them in the Pokemon Bank. And it’s got loads of legendaries you can catch all in that one game you can’t get in XY. OR/AS also has more to do after you finish the game and it’s got an area that’s perfect for breeding Pokemon and training them to be competitive. So yup, start with that! Pokemon X and Y introduced new 6th generation Pokemon, and while there are some nice ones, there’s not nearly as many good ones as OR/AS.

      1. Disagree. I’d say the best entry points are either FireRed/LeafGreen, HeartGold/SoulSilver or Black/White. Definitely not any gen 6 game.

        Honestly, I’d start with the originals (as with every other series), but I get that they might be a little too dated for some. Even so, FR/LG held up pretty good to this day, so there’s no reason not to start in Kanto one way or another.

  9. Good thing I didn’t go watch the Direct first chance I got. So much for people saying “Why are you getting upset over just a name being leaked?” My reaction: hahahahahaha! You suckers! lol Looks like Nintendo/TPC/GameFreak answered your question, guys.

  10. LMAO! I almost didn’t sleep for a 6 minute Direct which has only ONE announcement which was what was released in the leak. Seriously, why not show stuff from Moon and Sun and from Pokken and talk about Pokemon GO? Such a waste of time… Worst Direct ever and so pointless…

  11. Has anyone not noticed that Sun is Red and Moon is Blue? I immediately caught that and was curious considering the 20th anniversary. Now they’re saying you can trade from Red and Blue straight to these games? Just sayin…

    1. Remaking Kanto yet again would be the epitome of laziness by GF’s part. I’d probably even skip the titles completely if that were to happen.

      Nevertheless, the only games in the series that do not conform to the Red/Blue scheme are the Black and White games, so I’d hardly call that evidence.

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