Rumour: Could Nintendo Be The Reason Universal Orlando Acquired Large Amount of Land?

Further to reports this morning about Nintendo Land coming to Universal Japan’s Park, now sparks speculation surrounding the previously reported land bought by the Universal Orlando Resort. Comcast Corp, the parent company of Universal Orlando, reportedly acquired 475 acres of land for $130 million in February.

The land acquired is adjacent to the existing park, but the plans of what will be there are unknown at the moment. When Comcast were asked about the plans for the land they replied with “the land is a real strategic acquisition for long term down the road”. With the news today of Nintendo Land arriving to Universal Japan in 2020, it could mean that the plans for the recently acquired land at Universal Orlando may also be used by Nintendo.

As with all rumours, we don’t know for certain, but with the recent plans announced today it would seem a likely scenario.

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    1. Don’t fret. The pitch Universal gave that got Nintendo on board was for Orlando. It’s coming here.

  1. Is it strange that I find this infinitely more interesting than the Direct the other day? It’s something that I’ve been hoping for all of my life basically, so that’s probably why.

    I just hope that they explore many franchises for rides (such as a DKC minecart ride/DKC2 roller coaster ride, something about Mario Kart, something about Zelda… I’m out of ideas). This is literally the biggest dream come true I’ve ever had.

    1. -||Hopefully they make “Quadraxis’ Stomp Adventure” where these silly humans have to evade my gigantic cybernetic legs and if they are stomped their lives are forfeit for real||-

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    2. Rumors indicate the major attractions will be Mario Kart and a Donkey Kong Mine Cart coaster. Your welcome.

  2. In Orlando Nintendo will first appear in Universal Studios Florida as a replacement for KidZone focusing on Mario and Donkey Kong from what I’ve read. Other franchises could indeed appear in the new third park but Nintendo isn’t the focus there.

      1. Nah… I assume they’re gonna get rid of a ghost town known as Nickelodeon Studios.

  3. As the contributor, I’ll elaborate on this:

    The space will go toward a variety of purposes, like additional entertainment/dining/shopping venues and potentially a water park. There’s more than enough room for a third theme park, so that’s a safe assumption to go with.

    Additional Note: US Hollywood has some vaccencies in the lower lot to fill. These would be the departing Revenge of the Mummy roller coaster and the demolished Stage 28 where their first Phantom of the Opera was filmed in the 20s. I thank Spazzmaster, a US Hollywood employee, for revealing this on YouTube.

    1. Here’s my source video regarding the Universal Studios Hollywood info mentioned above.

      1. So I might’ve overlooked this when presenting this info, but Stage 28 (the Phantom stage) is getting a Dark Ride based on The Secret Life of Pets. This just leaves the Revenge of the Mummy structure for a new ride site.

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