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My Nintendo Picross: Zelda Twilight Princess Leaked

Another day and another leak from Nintendo! This time around it would appear as though The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Picross is coming to the My Nintendo service on March 31st. It looks as though it is a reward to members of the upcoming service from Nintendo which replaces Club Nintendo. This also corresponds correctly to Tilmen’s leak which stated that the game was coming along with five New Nintendo 3DS games which turned out to be the Super Nintendo Virtual Console titles.

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Thanks, @BluParadox


  1. PLEASE tell me that Nintendo’s rewards aren’t all going to be nothing but digital downloads again! That’s what destroyed Club Nintendo. Not enough cool, physical rewards. And the final batch of physical rewards were cheap and insulting. Like that Majora’s Mask 3D tote bag and jigsaw puzzle.

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    1. At least Europe apparently got some neat stuff (excluding golf balls) during the entirety of Club Nintendo. I would’ve liked those game soundtrack CDs that they got even just for display.


  2. i’m not getting twilight princess because i already have it. why did they do this? it’s like they are admitting that all of their games suck and that the real versions will come out later. i still have my gamecube with gameboy player so i can play my old games and yet they re-release a fucking wii game. fuck them! i stopped buying amiibo. not buying the online zelda for 3ds and certainly avoiding the online metroid that’s coming up. wtf happened to nintendo? it’s like they poisoned iwata and replaced him with an xbox.


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