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Video: Super Mario Maker Update Features

Nintendo of America has uploaded footage showcasing what to expect when the latest Super Mario Maker update goes live. The brand new update was announced during last week’s Nintendo Direct presentation and includes handy new features and additions. It will go live tomorrow on Wednesday, March 9th. Here’s what you need to know!

Fans who want a real challenge will soon be able to try the 100 Mario Challenge’s new Super Expert difficulty, coming as part of a free software update on 9th March. The mode is unlocked after players clear Expert mode, and dishes out six extremely tough courses. The update also adds 12 new Mystery Mushroom costumes to unlock in 100 Mario Challenge, and provides level creators with even more tools:

  • Shake a P Switch to turn it into a key, and shake a Door twice to turn it into a Key Door. Creators can make enemies hold keys – perfect for creating boss battles.
  • Shake a Coin to turn it into a Pink Coin: when players collect them all, a key appears.
  • Shake a Thwomp to turn it into a massive Spike Pillar from Super Mario World.
  • Additionally, the Super Mario Maker Bookmark site will be updated with ranking categories for world records and the number of first clears on courses.

13 thoughts on “Video: Super Mario Maker Update Features”

  1. To be fair, you have to give Nintendo credit when credit is due when it comes to this game. As a kid, I always dreamed of creating new unique levels for NES and Super NES Mario. And to be able to do so and then some is a really unique experience. I was skeptical about this game before it came out. The concept was brilliant but I felt it was just too late in the game to get a smash hit off of a game that looked like a monster mash of stuff we all have bought 5-10 time over and over on various consoles as the years gone by. Yet Nintendo pulled it off with this great retro inspired game.

    I can’t say that much about Nintendo games, but they did alright here..

    This reminds me when your empire was actually great Quadraxis.. I was there in the beginning also.. Empires fall sometimes never to be forged again..

    1. The order of Paimon

      share the levels you created.
      Oh, wait, Quadramus says you are a xbot, so you must be into minecraft.

      1. And you believe that self absorbed sorry excuse for a pile of bolts?

        And sorry but I suspect he has a hard time believing himself.. Matter of fact I would go as far as saying he may actually be women..If gathered intelligent is correct.

  2. I can’t even do simple updates on my Wii U because of the memory being full. I won’t even be able to play my Wii U for like 2 or 3 months because I need an external hard drive for it, and other things will be taking my money (such as a PS4 next month). So I’ll just be playing my PS3 in the meantime.

    1. I just have a 32gb usb stick in the WiiU. If u delete a game once in a while its a super cheap option for more space.

      1. I used a USB flash drive in my Wii U once, and that’s how I lost several of my game saves, such as Mario Kart 8 and Hyrule Warriors. After adding my files to the flash drive, I took it out of my Wii U. Then when I plugged it back in, it said that the flash drive had to be formatted before it could be used. AFTER I already formatted it earlier. And sadly, I already deleted the files from my Wii U memory. I never got over that. I never trusted using a flash drive ever again.

        1. Hm okay thats strange. My WiiU puts savegames always on the console and only uses the external space for games. So if my stick would go crazy the worst scenario would be to download the games again.

          1. Just checked, WiiU actually saves where the game is, so some stuff is on the usb drive.
            On the other hand the same thing that happened to your usb can happen if you use an external hard drive.

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