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Fan-Made Zelda Twilight Princess HD Mod Is Now On Hiatus

Sadly the developer behind the fan-made Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess HD mod has announced that the promising project has gone on hiatus. It was in development for quite some time, but obviously Nintendo went and released an official HD remake for the game. Nintendo also requested that the developer behind the mod take down his footage from YouTube. Because of this the developer has decided to put the project on the back burner but hopes to return to it someday.

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18 thoughts on “Fan-Made Zelda Twilight Princess HD Mod Is Now On Hiatus”

      1. Except it was free. And not $60 for a minor graphics update. The official game looks the same as the original, unless you either have a side by side comparison, or zoom in.

        I have 3 copies of the game (2 GC, 1 Wii). If I want to play TP again, I want it to be different, with ACTUAL new dungeons and several updated features. Another Cave or Ordeals and a poe lamp isn’t enough for me.

        1. You must not have seen the latest trailer…there is a new cave of ordeals and its by the amiibo, two they did mae a comparison, look it up, and for the record, there is new shit to the game, just not mouch

          1. Who wrote this article?

            The developer has moved from YouTube to Twitch because of Content ID and NOT because of Nintendo “requesting” him to. Also, it isn’t on permanent hiatus. The developer is taking a break to let things “cool down”.

            Will you writers actually proof-read before publishing?

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