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Rumor: Nintendo DS Cartridge Production Has Ceased Worldwide

A tweet from Canadian retailer Video Games Plus has mentioned that Nintendo has ceased production of Nintendo DS cartridges. However, Video Games Plus says that they will be selling their own set of exclusively restocked DS games in the future.

Because Nintendo hasn’t officially confirmed this, we’re marking this as a rumor for now. That said, the rumor coming straight from a retailer does add some credibility to it. If Nintendo announces anything, we’ll let you know.

Thanks, MasterPikachu6

17 thoughts on “Rumor: Nintendo DS Cartridge Production Has Ceased Worldwide”

  1. I thought that regular DS games ceased production AGES ago.
    The DS is what turned me into a handheld gaming fan. Before that, I used to make fun of people who played handhelds. I felt they were more for kids. Playing Animal Crossing Wild World on my DS helped me get through life after my family moved from California. I was SO homesick. So I thank the DS for that. Sadly, I was only a fan of the 3DS until about a year ago. When I started getting incredibly burned out with the tiny screens, and the Mii garbage.

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