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Rumour: Is Mighty No. 9 Delayed Again?

Fans and backers are understandably upset with Mighty No.9 developer Comcept as we haven’t heard anything about the game since the firm announced that there was due to be a delay on January 25th. The social media accounts have been noticeably quiet since and this has led some to believe that something is just not right with development of the game.

Darryl Boyen writes “These guys are crooks, stole thousands of dollars from backers who have not heard anything about their prizes that have nothing to do with online play. I have heard talk of a class action lawsuit based on this and hope it comes to fruition.”

Publisher Deepsilver was contacted by Gameranx to find out what’s happening with the game but all they received was a notification to say that “We have no comments at this time. You’ll be the first to know once we have new information to share.” Let’s hope we hear something soon about this game as it’s starting to get worrying.


55 thoughts on “Rumour: Is Mighty No. 9 Delayed Again?”

  1. What’s this, the 1 millionth delay already right? Joking aside, sucks for people who backed the game. Really nuts how many times it’s gotten delayed.

  2. LOL you can’t sue a developer over delaying a game/not communicating. This is the main reason I stay far away from kickstarter and similarly related crowdfunding sites because these are the risks you have to take into account when giving money to people before they’ve actually made anything worth buying.

      1. Which I thoroughly enjoyed, though I never spent a dime on it till it was finished. My point isn’t that you shouldn’t spend money towards kickstarters, it’s that you shouldn’t expect anything from them. If you give $20 towards a kickstarter consider that money gone and if you’re able to get something in return for it later down the line then that’s excellent.

      1. If people were somehow still willing to fund Tim “Scam Artist” Schafer after everything he’s tried to pull with crowdfunding I don’t think you have to worry too much.

        1. Since these news with these delays, the creators been getting called scam artist ever since, and I don’t recall any of these guys before Comcept of doing this when it came to other games they’ve been a part of in terms of development. Yeah, even though I didn’t fund this game, I still feel a bit understandably upset, but like you said, I shouldn’t expect that much from them. I’ll know if the game is worth the money I would have put into the funding once the game is released. This makes me ask question of other kickstarted projects as well. But when it gets down to it, whether it may be funded by companies or by backers, the developers know when it means when they’ve been trusted with these funds, so it is up to them to make a game worth all that trust being placed with.

          As for the understandably upset people who backed this, you know how they act in such a volatile cyber environment. And there’s still going with the delay jokes when it comes to this game. Although it is entirely predictable of these guys and girls considering this isn’t the first something like this has happened with a video game. But there is only one way to find out about all this.

  3. |||Nintendo Dark Commander Quadraxis-NX Prime|||

    -||Destroy these infidels and buy Xenoblade Chronicles X instead||-

  4. Might as well laugh at this point. Never thought they’d get close to to Project Cars bad.
    SO glad I didn’t jump on this one, as well as stopped throwing money on Kickstarter.

  5. You know what? Screw the online multiplayer. Might No. 9 was announced for fans who had to wait so long for new Megaman games yet they’ve been developing it for two years and a half. All it should be is a recreation of the classic Megaman games, all of this other stuff is unnecessary imo.

      1. Definitely. I’d be totally down for a Mega Man 11.

        Also, I lost all interest I had in M#9. I wonder if others feel the same.

        1. I don’t care about this game either. I keep forgetting Mighty No 9 even exists, and I’m one of the poor fools that backed it.

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    1. You know how, for example, when Nintendo is developing a new Zelda title delays are acceptable because at the end of the day Nintendo is a corporation that doesn’t owe us (the consumer) anything?
      Well, this game is being funded through backers, which are less like consumers, more like investors in this scenario. Inafune kinda owes those people a whole fucking lot.

  7. Remember when everyone was hyped for the Megaman spiritual successor, Might No.9, because Inafune was leading the project?

    Oh, how the tables have turned.

  8. Where the hell is this coming from?

    Inafune said at MAGFest that all the game’s Master ROMs were almost complete. That was around March 20-21st or so, which is still fairly recent. To quote a commentor on the YT vid featuring the Q&A session at MAGFest regarding MN09:

    “They mention that the game will require 24 so called “master roms,” one for each of the eight platforms, in each of the three regions. 18-20 are completely done.”

    I think this makes it pretty obvious this article is nothing more than clickbait.

    1. Oh really? Thanks for the heads up.
      I really don’t want to think the worst of these guts, but it seems like everyone else has jumped on that wagon already.

      I’m personally not a Mega Man fan or waiting on Mighty No. 9, so I guess it’s easy for me not to be mad. I kinda feel bad for them though, y’know? I can’t imagine all this pressure is fun for them either.

    2. Oh! Then I guess that makes everything ok then! Gee, everyone owes that arrogant thief an apology now! As a matter of fact, based on this new information you’ve provided, he should be allowed to delay even longer, ask for more money, and line his pockets and make yet another game with the money people trusted him with!
      Good thing you set the record straight, because I kinda thought Mighty Number 9 was a way to sap money from mega man fans. I mean. He only went a few million over his goal. That doesn’t mean he owes those people a solid game delivered on a respectable schedule. I mean. It’s not like it’s on it’s 3rd or 4rth delay. It’s not like he’s made enough money to fund the sequel.
      He’s just an honest guy who likes to steal from the poor, what’s wrong with that?

  9. I believe it was that Platinum Games guy (I forgot his name) who once implied that Inafune cared more about the money than making games. If Inafune wants to disprove that, he’s going to have to do that soon.

  10. if the game finally come out, I believe he won’t receive any future funding… never ever after that stunt. It’s just a shame cause the first demo look cool.

    I also would like to add that when you heard: “We have no comments at this time. You’ll be the first to know once we have new information to share.” that really really bad PR. The guy did not understand the game was crowd funded and therefore can’t treat it as a game privately funded. If I did put a penny I would ask for some explanations or I want my money back.

  11. Ah… Nothing like some good ol’ MN9 bashin’! ;D Probably more fun bashing the game than the game itself! My thanks to the backers. (Sorry Rootgamer!)

    Has anyone tried Gunvolt? I found it to be a difficult, but reasonably fun platformer. Just get that and forget this joke. It’s going to be sub par. Especially after they messed up the artstyle.

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  13. They say it’s because of online. Geezus….just release it without and fix it later. I’ve backed a few games on kickstarter. So far the only one to release (after a two year delay) is Hyper Light Drifter. Still disappointed though. They promised to release it for Wii U as a stretch goal, which is why I backed it. Turns out they had no road map for doing so and informed everyone at the last minute that it wasn’t happening. I just wonder how much free money they got from that unfulfilled promise.

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