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SteamWorld Heist DLC Will Be Coming Soon

Image & Form have announced a new DLC pack that’s in the pipeline for the 3DS title SteamWorld Heist. The DLC is named ‘The Outsider’ and will be arriving at the same time as a free update which will add some new features and additional languages to the game.

The upcoming DLC will be showcased at PAX East 2016 on April 22-24, alongside the HD version of SteamWorld Heist. There’s no set date on when the pack will be available to download, but Image & Form have hinted in their recent update that it will be very soon and they will disclose further details closer to its release.




      1. Yeah, I really loved it. Trying to make time for a second play through, great replayability.

        I’d get the HD version if it launched in December, but as it didn’t, I ended up with 3DS version. Game looks and runs great there, controls are good, so I’d say get the one your most comfortable with. I might even prefer 3DS version. Haven’t tried HD version yet, of course)!


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