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Video: Kirby: Planet Robobot Gameplay From PAX East

GameXplain have just uploaded a couple of videos showcasing hands on gameplay of Kirby: Planet Robobot, demonstrated at PAX East this weekend. The first clip shows Grasslands and Boss footage, and the second features some Robobot gameplay. You can check them out below:


16 thoughts on “Video: Kirby: Planet Robobot Gameplay From PAX East”

    1. Well I’m excited. Wish the US was getting this same day as Japan. Since I can’t wait, I’ll probably do the same as TD and watch the complete playthrough prior to getting the game.

            1. I’ve put a ton of hours into the game and I’m honestly done right now so I have no further goals. I beat story mode and still played the game for a long time, getting g a lol 60 skell completing a shit ton more missions, some online, destroying tyrants. Etc. I must definitely put on over 300 hours into that game… I still would have kept filing around but I’ve finally moved onto other games. Put over 500 hours into mh4u and starting two different dark souls characters now. I could use a relaxing kirby game bout now which is why I’m hype for the entry level charm.

                1. Cool, good luck. That game is beyond amazing. I still get cravings to go back and mess around more. All the different classes to upgrade, the skelks, the amazing worlds…. best purchase and main reason for owning the wiiu. Xenoblade and Monster Hunter tri ultimate were my main reasons for getting the console and the time spent has been well worth the console.

                    1. Hm well jeez I own a lot of games lol. Nes, snes,x box 360, gba,wii, WiiU n64, ps1, game cybe, etc.

                      Recently beat portal 2, recently bought mirrors edge and lost odessy. Still have a major back log of games to beat. Still have to beat earthbound beginnings and terranigma, etc.

                      Only game I want right now is Kirby planet robobot and monster hunter generations cause I still have plenty to play, that I can hold off on plenty of newer stuff

                      It’d be great if monster hunter stories and girls mode 3 were released here but not sure about either

                      1. Ok so you play a wide variety of games and that is good now were you a nintendo only gamer at sometime in your life or were you always a multi console gamer

                        1. I guess I’m nintendo centric when buying newer stuff but once the rest gets cheaper, I see if I can get things I missed out on. Like I recently bought an xbox 360 ($50) for a few of the games on there. So multi console but Nintendo centtic, Nintendo games first. Got a psp back awhile back and Ive modded to play a variety of games, including ps1 games on the go. Than I also collect older games and consoles. Yeah I like variety. :)

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