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Video: Check Out Smosh Games’ Star Fox Zero Honest Trailer

One of the fan series Smosh Games works on is called Honest Trailers. As the name implies, it gives you a truthful look into a video game. As Smosh Games puts it, they are “hilarious trailers the game developers don’t want you to see”. The newest Honest Trailer, Star Fox Zero, was uploaded to their YouTube channel earlier today. Feel free to watch it below.


17 thoughts on “Video: Check Out Smosh Games’ Star Fox Zero Honest Trailer”

  1. ROFLMFAO Oh my god! Best one I’ve seen fucking yet! xD Now to just wait for the fanboys to go full on psychotic with hating on this like extreme Muslims go insane over Muhammad jokes!

    1. It’s sad when a game isn’t hard because it’s legitimately hard but because the controls are terrible because you have to focus on two screens at once. I wanted an idea similar to this done with a future Metroid Prime that lets you play it in 1st or 3rd person & you could switch the two viewpoints between the TV screen or the Gamepad screen. But after seeing it done with Star Fox Zero, I’m worried they’ll try to fucking gimmick or innovate it by making the two different viewpoints being needed simultaneously like they did with it in Star Fox Zero. :/

  2. Hilarious as usual.

    Sadly, it’s very true- the controls are the most trying part of the game. Look at the TV, your aim suffers even though the reticle is RIGHT ON a target- oh, it’s because you didn’t look at it via the gamepad. Look at the Gamepad, you start running into everything because you only see about 40 percent of what’s going on- the other 60% is on the TV screen, but hey! At least you hit that enemy that was one of the few things not firing at you, nice job!

    That was prioritized over online play. I am sad.

  3. I love the game, i seriously think its way more challenging than all the star fox games i played..

      1. |||Nintendo Dark Commander Quadraxis-NX Prime|||

        -||This is the first time I say it and my logic is always undeniable||-

  4. This was certainly a “Let’s criticize the game and make jokes” video. They said things like “It killed the franchise”? Like…what? They could have made one or two control scheme jokes, but they went overboard and just took a shit on the game. I usually love Honest Game Trailers. But this one wasn’t funny. Not just because of the amount of criticism, but because they didn’t even try with some of the jokes. Weak video.

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