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Japanese Gamers Rank The Ugliest Pokemon

Pokemon are known for being cute creatures but of course a few slip through the net. Japanese consumers have been polled asking them which Pokemon they believe to be the ugliest amongst the batch. 500 people were surveyed, including 250 men and 250 women, to find out which of the critters appeals to them the least. Here’s the results!

  1. Grimer
  2. Muk
  3. Weezing
  4. Jynx
  5. Hypno
  6. Skrelp
  7. Exeguttor
  8. Gloom
  9. Magmortar
  10. Victreebal

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34 thoughts on “Japanese Gamers Rank The Ugliest Pokemon”

    1. Skrelp? Oh yeah. That’s right. It’s the ugly version of Horsea & it’s evolutions. Well it’s ugly compared to them, anyway. When not compared to them, it’s just bland & plain looking so not exactly ugly.

        1. Hm. You’re right about the bias part. Then again, getting poisoned in games is probably the most annoying thing you can have happen to yourself in a video game, so I honestly can’t blame people for having a slight bias for poison types.

  1. Japan is insane. All the dumbest, ugliest Pokemin came AFTER Gen 1. I get Grimer and Muk … but seriously … They must just Hate Gen 1 for some reason.

        1. |||Nintendo Dark Commander Quadraxis-NX Prime|||

          -||I have 4 minds and none have anything remotely resembling balls of any kind||-

    1. I’ll give you Garbodor but Vanilluxe, Vanillish, & Vanillite are far from ugly. Then again, you are what people call a genwunner: a hater of anything beyond the first gen of Pokemon. *shrug* But this is just another example of us having different opinions, like with religion, so I’ll leave you to it.

      1. :).I’m definitely not that made up word you people like to use when someone prefers creativity verses what I feel is largely rehashing of material. I don’t hate anything, everyone has personal preferences, even for things like Pokemon. But enough about labels, you are correct on our vast differences. I’m assuming you’re a girl, so its easy to understand you calling them cute, being a boy, I don’t take such things into consideration when catching my Pokes.


        1. Well to be honest, it’s not like the original 151 Pokemon are exactly original creations themselves since they are all based on real life things that existed long before Pokemon did. So Gen I really isn’t that different from the gens that follow. And no. I’m not a girl. Finding things cute or adorable is not gender exclusive to females.

          1. Normally it wouldn’t fall far from a general truth, so no harm I’m sure. And, I personally don’t see it that way at all, the original 151 Pokemon are the start of something that took the world by storm, they most definitely are original creation’s no matter what they’re based from and deserving of such an honor. At least, that’s my view on it, to each our own right.

  2. Let’s be honest, nobody would want to touch Jynx with a fifteen foot people.

    And where the fuck is Garbodor?

  3. I’ll give them Muk but Grimer? Jynx is far more uglier than Grimer so switch their places up in this list & you got a more accurate list of ugliest Pokemon.

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