3DS Nintendo

Video: Pokemon Sun & Moon Releases November 18th

The Pokémon Company International has today unveiled a number of details around the upcoming Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon games, which will launch for Nintendo 3DS systems on November 18.

The three starter Pokémon that trainers will choose from in the new games will be the Grass- and Flying-type Pokémon Rowlet, Fire-type Litten, and Water-type Popplio.



  1. It’s too bad that ugliest Pokemon quiz is already over, because I’m pretty sure Popplio would’ve made the list.


  2. I just noticed this region is kind of layed out like Kanto. It looks like you can go past what you initially see on the map too. Like how the Gold/Silver map showed how you could go further east past Newbark Town.


  3. Once again, the fire type starter appears to be the best looking one. Why we haven’t gotten a fire/dragon starter yet is beyond me, though.


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