Vans And Nintendo Hold Interactive Exhibition

As you may have already heard clothing brand Vans has teamed up with Nintendo to produce a number of iconic Nintendo themed sneakers. There will be a special Nintendo themed exhibition at the House of Vans in London which will take place from June 2nd – June 19th. You will be able to play lots of legendary video games including Super Mario World on the Super Nintendo, Donkey Kong 64 on Nintendo 64 and Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker on the GameCube. There will also be a number of special competitions taking place too. The Vans x Nintendo collection will be available on June 1st.

Both old and new consoles will be exhibited, from the recent Wii U to the early Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). If that wasn’t enough nostalgia, there will also be artwork and memorabilia spanning generations throughout the gallery.



      1. It’s highly possible you’ll get some form of that, from what all I’ve searched up on it and from the original article, it sounds like there’s going to be others. Im interested highly in the duck hunt, donkey Kong and classic slip ons. I love the slip ons!

  1. I’m literally going to have to buy all the shoes. I’m a video game fan and if there’s anything I would be more willing to spend money on its Nintendo shoes lol

  2. Sorry but…
    A couple months ago, I bought a pair of vans for the first time and it was literally the worst/most uncomfortable shoe I have ever WORN! It was like I was wearing just a sock…

    I probably wont buy them ever again. (Like a 5% chance of a re-purchase)

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