Sheldon’s Picks Vol. 2 Will Arrive To Splatoon On June 7

To celebrate Splatoon’s first anniversary, the second volume of Sheldon’s Picks will be arriving to the game on June 7th, bringing eight new weapon options. This injection of goodies into the game follows on from Sheldon’s Picks Vol.1 that was previously announced in March’s Nintendo Direct.

The options this time will include, a Splatling, a Charger, a CoroCoro Splat Roller, and five Shooters. The weapons will arrive on Tuesday evening for North America, and the early hours of the morning on Wednesday 8th for Europe. You’ll be able to check them out by talking to Sheldon at the Ammo Knights weapon shop within the game.

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  1. Well I spoke too soon on that other article. I didn’t realize this article, when I saw the email’s title for it, was referencing added in-game weapons & shit.

    1. I honestly thought Sheldon’s Picks was just a list of some guy’s favorite Splatoon weapons & stages. lol *facepalm*

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