E3: Nintendo Has A Decent Amount Of Floor Space Booked For Zelda

It’s edging ever closer to E3 and that means it is finally time to see the floor plans. Interestingly, Nintendo has dedicated a lot of space to showcasing its flagship Wii U title The Legend of Zelda. We have already been told by the company that that’s all they plan to show this year and we have heard information suggesting that it is two demos amounting to 90 minutes worth of gameplay. Best to keep our expectations in check, but they’ve certainly got a lot of floor space.

Nintendo of America

In West Hall

4822 (100 ft x 200 ft, 20000 sq ft)
5244 (110 ft x 90 ft, 9900 sq ft)
5644 (30 ft x 69,99 ft, 2100.36 sq ft)

32000,36 sq ft total.

It’s likely Nintendo has reserved the theatre as well.



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  1. That is quite a bit of space for just one game… oddly enough.
    Maybe there is more?

    1. I wouldn’t get your hopes up. They’ve said that they want people to be able to have an “extended” play of Zelda, so it’s perfectly possible that they’re bring lots and lots of Zelda so that as many people as possible can have a proper go at the game. I mean I guess it’s also possible that they’ve lied up to this point and will be bringing more games to play, but which seems more likely?

  2. Pasting this here too:

    -They booked the floor space a year+ ago. Back then the NX was probably expected to be announced at this E3. They can’t take back the space they booked.

    -This is probably the correct answer. Not to mention, it would be hard to win back that much space next year if they book just the space they need this year. The mental gymnastics around the concept of playable demos aren’t doing fans and their expectations any favors.
    They are pretty close to saying “only Zelda this year”. If people want to keep wishful thinking, it’s up to themselves. Don’t say we didn’t warn you, though.

    1. That’s a good point. Hopefully that doesn’t mean they’ve had to make a whole bunch of Zelda props at the last minute to fill the space up. If so I can imagine it looking like a play put on by an elementary school.

  3. So it’s pretty much confirmed that the literal only thing we’re seeing from Nintendo this year at E3 is Zelda? Absolutely nothing else? Not even a digital event to reveal other games they desperately need to show off to make up for last year’s travesty?


    Don’t get me wrong, Zelda is probably going to be massive, but at a show this big, it’s incredibly wasteful to do just that when you’re capable of so much more.

      1. Yes I can, and I will ask you to refrain from making such assumptions. However, I do not ever recall reading anything anywhere about a digital event or any Nintendo E3 2016 news that do not regard Zelda. So if I missed something, please, direct me to the source.

  4. All that space for just one game? And still no mention of a E3 Digital Event? And we thought E3 2015 was going to be bad. Least they’ll have plenty of room to recreate a Lost Woods from any of the Zelda games. Or maybe even recreate the Lost Woods that will most likely appear in Zelda U/NX.

    1. I want to say it couldn’t get any worse but… it wouldn’t be the first time Nintendo surprised us.

    2. Oh & if someone dressed as Tingle pops up, I hope they get hit in the veggies. It’ll serve the guy right for dressing up as one of the most evil characters in the game, even more evil than Ganondorf. The world above the Great Sea is in jeopardy and you want me to pay you to translate the charts to help me find the Triforce of Courage to save the world!? Seriously!? <.<

    3. Sorry in advance in case a double post appears later on. I tried to comment two other times before the first one & they wouldn’t go through. Maybe it had something to do with the video I tried posting from Youtube.

    4. Oh & one last thing: WHERE’S A BLOODY EDIT BUTTON!?! Look at how many posts I had to make because there isn’t a damn edit feature! D:<

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