Nintendo Might Remaster Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door If Fans Are Vocal

Fans of Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door could be in for a treat as Nintendo has said that they could be open to a remaster of the beloved title. The news came in a video courtesy of GameXplain who had the opportunity to interview Risa Tabata, the Assistant Director behind Paper Mario: Color Splash. Here’s what was said during the interview.

GameXplain: As Andre touched on earlier, the game looks fantastic. Have you considered the idea of remastering an older Paper Mario game in high definition, like The Thousand-Year Door?

Risa Tabata: If we made one, would you buy it?

GameXplain: Absolutely!

Risa Tabata: I think if we hear that a lot, then we’ll have something to think about.

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Thanks to those who sent this in.


  1. I’ll be vocal!

    I just hope they don’t use the same Toad models over and over.
    I personally didn’t mind that, but I could see why the fans were upset by it.

    You can’t be Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door if you replace the toad variants with the same model.

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    1. The thought of them making this hurts my wallet. I might need to buy 2 copies just to show my support/appreciation. I thinks lot of this fanbase were younger when TTYD and 64 were released and a lot of people rented games. Hopefully this time around everyone who raves about the game would go buy it if it should get a remaster.

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      1. Same. When I want my Paper Mario fix I often go to beat TTYD, then 64 next time and keep alternating between the two to mix it up but TTYD is easily the best in the series for me.


  2. If I didn’t already have it, I’d be like “yes remaster please”

    The N64 Paper Mario game should be remastered first. It’s textures are pretty terrible on HD up-scaling.

    The N64 Paper Mario game and 1000 Year door GC game could be built on the same engine, as both games are essentially the same mechanics. Just make the world a little more seamless.

    I will say however that 1000 year door is probably where the Paper Mario series peaked and then started to move in a direction (both art-wise and gameplay-wise) that fans aren’t so keen on. I like Super Paper Mario for what it is, but I hated the art direction on it, as it seemed more lazy and repetitive than necessary. Then for some reason Nintendo decided to put every Mario RPG title on the handheld title, seemingly to avoid creating huge worlds to explore.

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  3. Oh yes, please do give us TTYD remastered! As someone who’s never played it, I’d love to be able to play it, especially if we get an NX remaster. That’d look amazing! People have said that game is awesome so I’d be all for playing it in a remastered form!


  4. Hey, Id’ be down. But I’m not sure that is a game that would benefit much from remastering. It’s already pretty great the way it is. Just make it available for fans to buy on the NX Virtual Console assuming tha’ts a thing


  5. Remaster both first Paper Mario games as one game like how Square Enix did the HD remasters of Final Fantasy X & X-2! I also want an HD remaster of Baten Kaitos 1 & 2 and of Eternal Darkness! Now quit being so selective with your god damn hearing, Nintendo, and do it! Oh & if you can, get the devs who own Battle Zone to remake Rise of the Black Dogs! Fund it yourself if you have to! Hm. Maybe an HD remaster of Aidyn Chronicles from the N64. Of course, you’ll have to talk to the guys that own that game, too. I never got to beat it & I loved the story! *tries to think if I’m missing anything else from N64 & GCN*


  6. Hopefully if this happens, sales will encourage the definitive sequel fans have wanted all along.

    And I will say for the record, this is my favorite game of all time. I don’t own a Wii U currently, however I will buy a Wii U outright if this game is made.


  7. Yes, i would obviously buy it. Yes, (more than) enough people would buy it. I just wanna play a Paper Mario game like the first two releases for gods sake, nothing like the ones after. Super Paper Mario was fine, but not half as good as the first two. Paper jam, color splash and sticker weren’t remotely good…


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