Reggie Says Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Struck A Chord With Gamers, Also Spoke On The East/West Market Differences

Reggie Fils-Aime took part in an interview with the Verge at E3, where he talked about how Zelda: Breath of the Wild relates to gamers. He said that “we think we’ve struck a chord and we’ve struck a chord with what is a very important franchise for us. A franchise that is going to be key to our long-term success. The Zelda formula is well-known. You continue down a path, you battle in a dungeon, you get an item, you’re going to need that item for the next dungeon, and so forth. We think that for today’s player… that formula potentially needed to be upended — that we needed to introduce new elements in order to bring new players in. But we needed to do it thoughtfully in order to maintain the current player.”

He also talked about the difference between the east and west markets, saying that “behaviorally, the Japanese home market and the West, aren’t so different that the tastes are fundamentally polar. A great example of this is Splatoon. [An online multiplayer shooter is] something that you would associate with the West, and yet in Japan the amount of players playing Splatoon, the amount of games sold relative to the install base of Wii U, is better than the US performance. It all comes down to this: is it fun? Is it compelling? Is it unique? Does it provide something to the player that they really relate to?”



  1. Everything Reggie says is what we can call as an old, rotten, vitriolic, canned speech that are typical of sailor parrots.

    1. Or can we? He does have a point this time. Todays, gamers are lazy and want nothing to do with things that encourage you to explore…we can thank the smart phones and tablets for that. If I’m reading this right, he’s saying “today’s gamers are getting sick of the old ways, and want something that is free and free world opens that door…specially for the lazy.

      1. He may have a point, but he’s conveniently using common sense to state the obvious. You know, he enjoys to sound like the smart, elitist guy who knows everything and is never wrong. I’m fed up with his canned PR talk.

        1. obvious is obvious. common sense is key. We all are tired of everyday common sense and obviousness…but that’s what makes us…”us”. And to that, that’s why he speaks the way he has too and likes too. Its a company rule, not his fault he gets hated on because a company tells him too. “Don’t hate the player, hate the game”.

          1. It’s a free country,, he doesn’t have to work there if he doesn’t agree with how he’s being managed. I think he’s fine being fed and regurgitating PR crap.

            1. Exactly like a puppet should be. NoJ’s hand is so far up his ass that… well what you said. He’s regurgitating PR crap. lol

      2. He doesn’t have a point, they got lucky when writing his speech. Reggie didn’t say that, whoever his PR person is did. Don’t be giving Reggie credit for shit he’s programed to say in public. ;)

        There are some good comments, yes – but I would bet money those comments didn’t come straight from Reggie.

  2. The problem with changing a winning formula is that it will only satisfy SOME. Many people who loved the way the games were before will always feel like something is missing. No matter how good the new formula is. Which is why, in many cases, so many people are nostalgic over retro games. Because they hold fond memories of what was so epic, memorable and fun to play. Changing a winning formula is very risky. For example, Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2 worked great with the Wii’s motion controls. But I’d still prefer a regular control scheme like in Super Mario Sunshine any day. If ANY of this made any sense.

    1. What are you worried about Collector? And remember, Zelda has been evolving from the beginning. This may be a big leap, but we don’t know yet just how crazy the formula has changed. I think we will finally have the open world Zelda has always tried to achieve.

      1. Agreed. Yes, they took a risk, but this new formula fits the Zelda franchise very well. You cant win everyone, but the majority of fans and press all love Breath of the Wild, and I don’t think any of the new elements feel out of place in the slightest.

  3. Not that I hate Reggie, but he needs to be replaced with someone more aggressive. When things are bad he just goes “I think we offer amazing content that drives our fan base” or “we dont pay attention to the industry trends”

    But when things are good he is still completely unfazed ” we make the content everyone loves”
    Ok well Microsoft actually listens to customers, updates, games, features, a slim system, Bluetooth controller, an even more powerful system, …..i love Nintendo, but Reggie really dues not understand the US market, and he holds Nintendo back

    1. Yeah, I don’t know… Reggie is fine. His job is to be the American face of Nintendo (in large part anyway) and the condemnation of him is more than likely just angst pointed towards Nintendo as a whole and he takes the brunt, which is also part of having him be the face. If they had success the past 5 years people wouldn’t be so hard… well, at least not entirely

      1. I think Nintendo fans are fed up with being treated like kids and patronized, two things Reggie does really well. It’s not always what he says, it’s how he says it. I personally don’t hate the man, I just find him to be a worn, predictable, broken record.

  4. i really don’t like the art style. It like applying the metro style of windows 8 and 10 (which I found really ugly and unseable) to zelda… man I real facing a cornelian choice about it because zelda is one of the game which make me purchase the Wii U. BTW can I just say the tech demo of zelda is way different than breath of the wild.

    1. I was very much the artstyle of Windwaker, then the game play won me over in the end. Hopefully it will be tolerable enough for you to get your feet wet, then hopefully it will be fun enough to ease you into the artstyle. :)

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