Dragon Quest X In Development For Nintendo NX

Square Enix has confirmed in the latest edition of Weekly Famitsu that the massively multiplayer online role-playing game Dragon Quest X is currently being developed for the Nintendo NX platform. The PlayStation 4 and Nintendo NX versions will be the “climax” of the game.


Thanks, MasterPikachu6


  1. Probably still won’t come out in the States. Though I’m not complaining because I’ve never played a Dragon Quest game. But if it did come out here and was a launch title I might be curious enough to get it just have something to play.

    1. Yeah I agree. At least we know that for sure that the NX will either be on par with current gen consoles or slightly more powerful. Now I really can’t for this thing to get revealed lol

      1. ||And if it’s the Hybrid some make it to be, the power of Nintendo in the palms (or brain in my case) of our hands/head…||

  2. Good to know as we can assume that the rumor claiming NX’s graphical capabilities lie between PS3 and PS4. However, this game most likely isn’t going to come to the West.

  3. Is this 2012? I thought DQ10 is already out (Japan only). Isn’t it on Wii u and Wii, with that bull subscription thing?

    1. It is. This is a port/remaster, though. The important part is that it’s the same thing as the PS4 version. Depending on how much work they put on the remaster, it would mean the NX is at the very least more powerful than the Wii U, maybe as powerful as a PS4.

      1. They are already remastering it? Where’s 1-3 on 3DS!? Only have 4-6, and 9, with 7 & 8 finally coming this year.

  4. Small correction from my part.
    Someone told me on Twitter that the “climax” part might refer to the storyline of DQX, not to the game’s performance. It seems the different revisions of the game add to the storyline, or something to that effect.

    So hold your horses, this might not mean anything.

  5. I would be excited if it had actually made it to the west which it never did. Plus I don’t want an mmo dragon Quest tbh just waiting for XI on 3ds and ps4 probly getting both

  6. Get NX version,devs making it along side ps4 version means NX is prob more capable then ps4 in my eyes I’m going with the rumour that says NX is about Neo power going off tegra X2 specs having 4 teraflops ect but everything else like the HBM2 that gives it over 700GB bandwidth and the ddr4 ram better then ps4’s and the cpu is much more advanced in X2 then ps4 on the teraflops on gpu in Neo are good it still has aweful jaguar cores just over clocked to 2.3ghz….

  7. This is both an excitement and a kick in the dick for me.
    1. Yay! i could /possibly/ play this game one day and maybe more Dragon Quest translations will come ( i’m looking at you monsters)
    2. Above probably wont happen

  8. Probably won’t see release in the west. But if we can have DQ XI on NX and 3DS I’d happily buy both versions given that the 3DS version has a really cool use of the second screen.

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