Nintendo Issues Metroid 2 Remake With DMCA Takedown Notice

Bad news for Metroid fans and gamers in general as Nintendo has hit the fantastic Metroid 2 remake with a DMCA Takedown notice. The site can no longer host the game but no doubt it will be uploaded elsewhere.


      1. The law is meant to protect developers and publishers, so that third parties can’t make money from or tarnish the reputation of their IPs. In cases like these, the protection is unneeded. This is a remake, so can’t tarnish the franchise, and it’s free, so they’re not making money, and Nintendo doesn’t exactly have a remake of their own (or even a recent Metroid game out) that this remake can cannibalize… It makes zero sense in this context to send a cease and desist.

        1. ||It does tarnish their reputation by not giving fans what they want while the creators of this game do, so in that regard it is valid even if most of us don’t like it, even what we think doesn’t really matter in this situation anyway…||

          1. that line of reasoning works if it weren’t for the fact that its an old game that doesn’t even have any form of remake or possibly even presence in the nintendo stores. (Idk, I could be wrong)

  1. At Nintendo HQ
    Guy 1: Sir.. I have bad news.
    Executive: What is it?
    Guy 1: The fans made a Metroid game… and it’s better than ours!
    Guy 1: Yes sir!
    Guy 2: But it’s not like they’re making money off of it or–

      1. Yes it is true that Nintendo are in the right to taking this down but the reason why it’s still douchy is because they are simply being that child that screams “MINE MINE MINE” and doesn’t let anyone else play with their stuff.
        This game was harmless, it was for a Metroid game that was created a very long time ago and isn’t even being sold on the eShop all that much. If anyone was going to buy the game, they would have already brought it by now.
        Again, from a legal standpoint, Nintendo are in the right to do this but just because they can does not mean they have to, you don’t need to “protection” from something that is harmless.

        1. I wouldn’t say it’s harmless, though. After all, why is anyone going to buy Chibi Metroid: FedshitForce when they can get an awesome remake of Return of Samus, a true Metroid game, for free instead!?

  2. Well, it seems I had way too much faith in them. Oddly enough, MBD isn’t the game’s mother site, only one of the fansites that was hosting it. I’m assuming Doc got one as well.

    If that’s how it’s going to be, I’m ready not to give Nintendo any of my money until they make another 2D Metroid game. I’ll get an NX and its games, you bet, but they won’t see a penny. And you bet the game isn’t going to disappear overnight. I invite anyone interested to create mirror links on hosting sites so we can spread it even further.

    1. ||It would be unwise to deny the NX if it proves to be ss good as the 3DS or better, however, do spread the temporary cure for Metroid in the mean time…||

      1. I can’t say I like the 3DS that much. Way too much Mario and Zelda, not enough of everything else. Namely, Metroid or Advance Wars. Pokémon and Fire Emblem took a big hit, and there weren’t that many quality first-party titles outside of the better known series. Kid Icarus Uprising and Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon are two of the big exceptions, but I have trouble coming up with more. I guess Smash on the go redeems the system somewhat, but that’s about it. Both the DS and GBA before it had more and better games. In my opinion, at least.

        And yes, I’ll put up my own mirror soon, just in case.

        1. ||What was wrong with Pokemon X/Y? And Fire Emblem even though not as difficult or whatever compared to the earlier ones, it still is a Fire Emblem game unlike a certain virus…||

          1. You mean besides the shoddy optimization, lack of exploration (and bad looking overworld in general), painful handholding by the protagonist’s band of friends, dreadful writing, overpowered megas and the fact that we never got a third version that ironed out the many flaws? Nothing, it was fine. The soundtrack was great though, and the online functionalities were much improved. It was the single player what felt lacklusters and barren.

            Sorta true about Fire Emblem, although it still has changed a lot, both mechanic and aesthetic-wise.

            1. ||But that is mostly your opinion, it is not that has been bashed by loyal fans and others like FE”#¤^*tion F!”#34rce…||

              ||Other than that yes it was rather empty somewhat but it was still better than that joke BW2…||

              1. What? It totally has. General reception has been mixed to positive in most dedicated sites. I’m not even talking about overly critical sites like /vp/, but on Serebii and the like too.

                And let’s not go down the “it’s your opinion” rabbit hole again, please.
                1. The framerate issues are there, especially in battles with 3D on.
                2. The map is just as linear as BW1, only without the exploration the larger areas of those titles bring to the table. You can check that easily.
                3. This doesn’t look good:
                Especially when you compare it to this:
                4. The hand-holding: just play it again. I tried to begin a new game a couple of weeks back and I didn’t make it pass Luminoise, it was painful. I didn’t notice it the first time around, but it becomes painfully obvious with the novelty element out of the picture.
                5. About the writing, it’s funny you mention BW2 because that scene at the beginning of the game with Hugh and his sister is a masterclass in subtle characterization compared to what we get in X/Y. Again, you can look both of them up if you wish to do so. I know how to recognize good writing (or, let’s say, decent) when I see it, I have a degree in literature and linguistics.
                6. Overpowered megas are self-explanatory. See Mega Kangaskhan and Mega Rayquaza.

                1. ||General reception has been mixed to positive which confirms my stance as it is nowhere near bad or an abomination as Fe”%#&tion Fo=)!”#¤ce is…||

                  ||Point 1 I agree but they did confirm that it would be demanding before the game got released, hence the absence of 3D in most of the game…||

                  ||Point 2 yes, but it’s not how big a map is, but how much you put into it so they did a mediocre job here regardless of size…||

                  ||Of course it doesn’t, thus it appears to be rectified with Sun and Moon going by the trailers…||

                  ||This has been present in every generation since the third, it’s not something new so X/Y can’t take the blame for eveything wrong in this regard…||

                  ||Perhaps but I doubt the story and the characters matter as much as the battles and Pokemon themselves, even if BW2 has a better characterization and story than X/Y, it was still a joke in terms of gameplay as it offered no challenge at all, not even when playing your worst…||

                  ||I’m not quite sure what you want to say with point 6…||

                  1. Oh, of course I didn’t mean it’s as bad as FF. Just that the latest Pokémon entries have been subpar when compared to previous entries in the series, especially to the DS titles not named Diamond/Pearl.

                    Don’t let GameFreak fool you, the game is not that demanding. Other games manage to look and perform just as well, if not better, despite also having online functionalities. They are just notoriously bad at optimizing their games, it’s been a recurring joke for years now.

                    And I disagree about the handholding being present since gen III. I mean, yes, it has been more prevalent since then, but not to this degree. And about those megas, I’m saying they overcentralize the metagame.

                    1. ||True, I still stand by that generation 2 had the most to offer, although the levels the AI had were a joke…||

                      ||Platinum did improve quite a bit and is still my prefered version of any generation tied with Silver…||

                      ||Probably, maybe they have more incompetent workers today than before too…||

                      ||Even though it is at least 50% their fault here and probably a bit more, the gaming world as a whole is to blame too, namely the Xbots and their followers, and even worse the Applings with the civilian masses infecting our world more and more…||

                      ||This lead to an universal simple-minded thinking among the leaders themselves in all 3 factions, to simplify their games in all areas, to explain obvious things that nobody in ancient times had any trouble with, just to cater to the disease known as civilians…||

                      || Mega evolutions are probably the worst idea in Pokemon history, at least at its current state since only a few out of hundreds have them…||

            2. You forgot about only 72 new Pokemon and the plethora of Mega Evolutions, especially the ones that prevent 1-stage pokemon from ever evolving (Mawile, Sableye, Audino, etc.).

              All those fan evolutions of Mawile on deviantart, and Nintendo chooses MEGA MAWILE, because “Mega Evolution is for Pokemon who can’t evolve further”, no matter how small or weak they are.

          2. Emm.. one question for both of you Quadraxis and Sylux… Did you play the recent 3DS Fire Emblem games only on Hard? Lunatic and Lunatic + are almost IMPOSSIBLE to clear… (I can only speak of Awakening… still getting the money for Conquest)

            1. I don’t want Fire Emblem to be balls-to-the-wall hard either, especially when those harder difficulty modes only consist of enemies getting beefier stats and better abilities, other than the added reinforcements here and there.

              What I want is something more similar to the older games: make political intrigue a main focus of the game, then make the more supernatual elements (other than magic, I guess) appear little by little. In short, give us a decent-to-good narrative, less anime tropes and a challenge mode that actually makes use of the grid to good effect, instead of needing to use the old bait-and-switch/chokepoint/turtle formation to even get through the map.

              Also, I’d remove pairing, marriage and the offspring characters altogether. They are very exploitable mechanics in the hands of the player and timebombs of RNG fuckery in the hands of the AI. Supports are more than enough to flesh out the characters, as previous installments have shown. Also, bring weapon degradation back.

              I know this last batch of changes would be controversial, so I could get behind Nintendo not applying it.

            2. ||It’s about the same to me, I’mnot that involved with the Fire Emblem series but it has my approval in terms of difficulty…||

        2. If you put up a link, let me know. I never got around to downloading it on my PC, just my laptop XD

    2. You’re not gonna give Nintendo money but you’ll buy an NX…. that’s not how it works.
      Also, they had the fangame, which was a remake, pretty much for free, and it is considered piracy. They are in the right for this. This is basic piracy and copyright laws. You can’t just copy something like this because and defend it because it’s a fan project.

      1. I don’t think you’re very resourceful if you can’t figure out even one way through which I could buy an NX without giving Nintendo a penny.

        About the takedown, contrary to popular belief, they do not have to act on this. They have the right, not the obligation.

        1. Nah, itoi already said that he doesnt plan on making M4, so the fan made project has his blessing. Plus, Ninty wouldve taken it down by now. Its come up so many times.

      1. dude, give it a rest. IP is a hodgepodge of shit that doesn’t belong in the same category. Are you defending a trademark, patent, or copyright? Do you know the differences? The only one with a real defensibility is a trademark because it’s a “signature”, in the sense that forgery violates. If they changed the name to “meteoroid” and left everything else the same, it would represent their own artistic creation, writ whole. It is only if the game harms the “Metroid” brand that an injury is done.

        1. ||It’s not a signature, it’s a complete remake and the creators have stated that too themselves so no one should be surprised and yet most are, humans never learn anything…||

            1. ||Too bad they didn’t and too bad they stated it was a Metroid 2 remake meaning they used their property, trademark and signature unfortunately so whether some people like what Nintendo did or not is irrelevant, they did nothing wrong…||

              1. Sometimes even following the law to the T is walking the tightrope of morality, though. It’s like arresting & throwing a starving man that stole some food in prison for the rest of his days with hardened criminals instead of taking him, or her, to a homeless shelter.

                1. ||No it isn’t, no one loses anything other than their temper on this situation…||

  3. People are completely missing the point. Nintendo only takes down fan projects when they remake their own work (like FullScreenMario, Super Mario 64 HD remake, and this.) Also, they only took down the fansite, not the game itself. I swear, some people who comment on these type of articles are clueless and moronic. Like @Yoshinatsu and @MrBreada

  4. Looks like they got salty that a fan product that had more effort and appreciation put into it than their own game was more popular.

    I feel like I shouldn’t be surprised but I still kind of am, considering projects like Super Mario Star Road is still up after 5 years and this got hit within hours.

    Maybe next time, you won’t spit in the eyes of your fans so we won’t feel like we have to do this.

      1. If only nintendo think more in the teens this wouln’t be happening. The rated T games are a good way to get more custumers to buy their games. And Nintendo seems to forget that the kids will someday become teens.

    1. I dont know dude, IGN sure has a bunch of crybabies. Trust me, I troll there all the time and holy crap the waves of tears that I can cause. Its not even comparable.

  5. It’s so weird how, knowing how Nintendo can be, that media outlets make a glaring spectacle out of this, knowing full well they’ll be posting an article about Nintendo shutting it down within 5 minutes. But it wouldn’t have been any fun to let word spread on its own. So don’t act surprised, you are the whistle blower chasing your own scoop after all….

  6. There’s been speak that all the takedown nonsense isn’t even Nintendo’s doing.

    And even if it WAS them, they could have easily shut it down before the game came out, but they didn’t. So at the very least, they let it be released before they took it down.

  7. So many people have grabbed their pitchforks and torches on this already. Let’s not forget that there’s been DMCA claims by people claiming to be “Nintendo” when it was not Nintendo. Don’t jump to conclusions so quickly.

  8. The problem is Nintendo doesn’t have that brand loyalty they had a decade ago. Back in the day people would buy Nintendo games and because they liked those games they made and played fan projects. Nintendo wasn’t worried because people knew Nintendo made good games and would pay for the brand. But nowadays Nintendo has a bad reputation and people would rather not risk buying a Nintendo console if they can just play free projects that do the IPs more justice than Nintendo does.
    So Nintendo needs to take down fan projects to force people to get their Metroid fix from only them regardless of how badly they treat the IP

    1. ||And you say this with your picture and name of yourself? That’s not very clever…||

  9. If Nintendo left projects like this alone, they’d give fans the idea that making fan games using their various properties is okay. I’ll leave it up to your own brain to figure out why that would be a bad idea. Plus the obvious reasons why it’s bad for business.

    Mother 4 is a different case considering it has Itoi’s approval.

    Yeah, it sucks. But that’s just the way it goes. Laws and stuff.

  10. Good on ya Nintendo! You have the right to protect your IP and you did the right thing. I’m happy to see that in this world, thievery is still cracked down on.

    1. You know what? I’ve changed my mind. I’ve given this a lot of thought and while Nintendo is in the right to legally do this, it feels wrong. It’s not like this fan-made remake will affect Nintendo in any way, it could even help Nintendo in the long run by promoting their franchise.

      I really hope this gets put back up.

      1. Lol. I just thought you were fucking trollin’, man. I figure if a guy dedicates ten years of his life to develop and release a free fangame because he’s passionate about the original franchise, he’s not doing it because he’s a thief.

  11. What I don’t get is that they will take these down, but not emulators and roms, which would do much damage. And I know they can’t stop all downloads,

  12. This is what happens when god damn dumb ass fucking news sites on slow days decides to fucking REPORT ON IT!!!!
    God damn.. from now on, if an underground game is being worked on i want gaming news sites to KINDLY SHUT THE HELL UP about it… for the love of god man.
    I hope they keep working on it.

  13. Guys, I’m pretty sure this is fake, well, at least the DMCA notice that Metroid Database was sent.

    Everyone should also keep in-mind that Metroid Database is a Metroid fansite that is merely hosting the link, they are not the original site. Also, keep-in mind the following when considering DMCA Takedown Notices:

    “If your content is taken down due to a DMCA notice, the online-service provider will alert you to this. In cases where a DMCA notice is filed against your content, you have the ability to file a “counter-notice.” This is a notice sent to the online service provider where you state that a mistake was made. If the person who filed the original takedown notice takes no further action (such as requesting an injunction in court), the work taken down can be restored after 10 business days.

    Note that the DMCA is a US law, and online service providers located in other countries are under no obligation to honor such takedown notices.” (Source:

    Firstly, AM2R is Free, aka Non-Profit, and it also does not reuse any technical assets that Nintendo has created — meaning that DoctorM64 (the creator of AM2R) can EASILY file a counter-notice to any DMCAs that result in his content being, moreso especially if claiming it as artistic interpretation or the like. Additionally, DoctorM64 and his primary sites that host it (The AM2R blog here: and the project Forums here: all are outside the United States (Argentina I believe) — meaning that the content creator and the original sites for it are ALL outside jurisdiction for the DMCA, and therefore takedown notices.

    Also, keep-in mind (and someone already posted this, but I’ll repost to bump) this article: and subsequently Metroid-Database’s Twitter: as well as the Creator’s Twitter page: . everything from these sources point to the MD DMCA Takedown notice being falsified, which means that Metroid Database will most likely restore the material.

  14. *goes to to download the game & finds a “Sorry, the page you were looking for in this blog does not exist.”* Is this the actual site of the actual game by the actual developers & not a fansite? If so…


  15. No sense in killing an awesome fan tribute unless you’re trying to kill the franchise… or are completely out of date (Nintendo).

    It’s high time that Nintendo learned to take advantage of it’s fans’ enthusiasm, instead of shutting it down.

    1. ||Yes but these fans should also contact Nintendo first and get their approval…||

      1. Did your network prowess have the time to access and seize a file-copy of this project Commander?
        And if so, what did you think of it?

        1. ||No, I don’t access non official weaponry into my system even if they are good…||

          1. Well it’s either that fanmade remake of Metroid 2 using Zero Mission’s artstyle or Nintendo’s version where we get chibi Samus fighting cute chibi versions of the Metroids. :/

    2. Exactly. They could have bought the remake from them or hire them as developers-in-training and fine tune the remake to work on the 3DS while making use of the 3D feature. But I guess Nintendo likes being assholes towards their Metroid fanbase instead. :/

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