Nintendo’s Supplemental Computing Devices For Game Consoles Patent Has Now Been Issued/Granted

You may recall a month ago that Nintendo’s patent of Supplemental Computing Devices for game consoles had been almost granted. The issue fee had been paid, but the patent was not yet granted. Well, that is no longer the case. On July 27th, an issue notification went out on the patent, which included the notice that the patent would be issued, or granted, on August 16th. Sure enough, the patent was granted right on schedule. Whether this has anything to do with the NX is a mystery, but until the NX is revealed, we’ll just have to wait and see.


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  1. so how does this work you can play on the tablet??? wich has decend power behind it. but then you plug the tablet into this sublemental computing device and suddenly the NX can run 4k 169fps.

    something in that direction?

    1. From what I understand, xbox won’t be making more consoles, so they basically already are. :P And Sony…well….their movie sales and layoffs show where their company is going. XD

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  2. “Whether this has anything to do with the NX is a mystery” No, it’s not a mystery! The NX patents have been granted a long time ago. All recent patents are normal R&D patents and have nothing to do with the NX. It’s not like the NX is rushed in the last minutes before release. Every console is finished AT LEAST one year before release and the rest of the time is spent on polishing the design, preparing the marketing and finishing the release titles.

    1. I agree, at this point the NX should already have everything set and prepared for its upcoming reveal and later release. However It is still possible that a supplemental device could be released at a later time as an upgrade to the initial console in order to keep it up to date with other competing devices, which would give the system increased longevity in the market. Instead of making customers purchase a whole new system in order to play more demanding games, simply purchasing an add on upgrade may be a less expensive alternative.

      1. If the supplemental computing device was an afterthought, then yes. But if it was part of the original console concept, then the patents would have been granted already.

    2. While I agree that this probably has nothing to do with the NX, it is not unheard of for a patent application to be a) hidden until reveal [I believe most patent offices support this], or b) not issued during development to keep others from knowing it.

      1. “hidden until reveal” – I wasn’t sure whether this could be done, but that was also my theory, that you will not find any of the NX patents because they’re not public yet.

  3. Unless they delay the NX, there is no way these patents are for the NX. And considering how bad Wii U is doing, they’d be dumb to delay the NX for another year. Can they really risk relying on the 3DS for another year to carry them? Sure they might have the money to back it up but their reputation is going to take more damage over the course of the year. If you’re reputation is shit, no one will trust you & you might as well use the money you have left to pay for the funeral expenses. Just like Enron had to do when they got exposed back in the early 2000s.

  4. When the NX is revealed, earth will tremble, seas will calm, birds will sing and gamers will rejoice!

    1. ||And then finally, I will ru- Nintendo will rule them all…||

  5. Honestly I want a new handheld. 3ds is fun but I want something more capable on par or better than the vita they can keep the 3d tho I personally love it. I mostly game on handheld don’t have much time for consoles anymore sadly

    1. Why not have both? A home and handheld is the only solution. Add the SCD and plug it in the home console and you’re looking at the power of the NX.

  6. This is the furthest we’ve seen a recent Nintendo hardware patent get, so one can fully expect this to be a part of the NX experience.

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