Mega Man Will Be Much More Optimistic In New Animated Series

Fans of the Mega Man franchise will want to check out this interview with a number of key staff behind the brand new animated series which is launching in 2017. One of the things to take away from the interview is that Mega Man will be a much more optimistic and fun character.

N: What do you hope the folks take away from this new iteration?

STS: Oh, gosh, I don’t know. They should have fun. It’s a fun show. What Duncan really hit on the head is that so many of the characters we’re surrounded by are cynical and they’re not just doing the right thing just because they want to be heroes. Like, we’re overcomplicating these characters all the time for younger audiences. He’s just a fun, optimistic character who screws up a lot and is trying to figure out his way. He’s not perfect, but he wants to do the right thing.

JC: We’re spending more time with Aki, the human side of the character, and we mentioned that so we can come clean that it has a little more than the fighting element. It’s got some life in it.

DR: And, you know, like Steve said, there are plenty of darker elements. It’s still very fun, but we aren’t shying away from some more heavier elements in it. I think it’s about time we have a character who just does the right thing.


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  1. I wouldn’t really mind that design as long as the show just sent some classic Mega Man vibes, such as the original Mega Man series or NT Warrior even. I just don’t see that happening, though, because according to TV producers, “kids theese days” don’t want shows that are actually more than just dumb fun.

    Granted, the original Mega Man cartoon was also mostly just “dumb fun”, but somehow I fear that this show could fall even below that.

  2. *We didn’t want out story and characters to be like all the others around it … so we came up with the completely original idea of making Mega Man a young teenager who is granted superpowers, and has his adventures inturrupted by petty teenager drama … no one else has ever thought of that, right?*

    Yeah … No …

    IMHO, I burned out on Jr. High/ High School superhero drama Decades ago.

    Even if it was heavily inspired by Astro Boy, I still greatly preferred the MegaMan that was Rock, an AI built to be a peaceful, super advanced domestic android but re-retrofitted by one of his creators, Dr. Light, into a combat machine (like ProtoMan/Blues, the prototype he was based off of in the first place) when the co-creator of his cybernetic elder siblings (and in a sense, his own half-father as well) Dr. Wily went mad and unleashed killer robots on the world.

    An AI, programmed for peace (and housecleaning, like his sister Roll) but asked to wage war may have had a slightly cold, mechanical and cynical outlook and perspective on that task … but that was still WAAAAY more interesting than the petty and immature thoughts and behaviors of YET ANOTHER teenager given Superpowers. Ugh.

  3. Show sounds like it’s going to be crap. Sounds like their Gna have some forced cringe worthy type stuff in there and really? A teenager that gets granted the power. Why not just go with the original story, oh yea because it has to be relatable to the younger generation.

    Ugh, I’m too old for this crap lol

  4. While Mega Man’s armor looks awesome, that face is still utter trash! What’s wrong with a teenager being the superhero & going after adults!? Gundam does it that way just fine. So does Spider-Man back when Peter was still a high school student in the original comics. A couple of bad guys being teenagers themselves isn’t a bad idea, either. But if it’s just going to be full of nothing but teenagers, ugh! Please no!

    1. If the show was gonna be more like anime, then they could get away with having so many teenagers in the show. But it’s most likely just gonna be more American cartoon bullshit.

      1. Japanese anime* Fixed for the anally retentive that like to point out even American cartoons are referred to as anime in Japan.

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