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Guacamelee Developer DrinkBox Studios Wants Nintendo Switch Dev Kits

DrinkBox Studios has expressed interest in developing for Nintendo Switch. The Toronto-based studio recently contacted Nintendo of America via Twitter to kindly request dev kits for the upcoming console. DrinkBox Studios is known for indie hits such as Guacamelee and Severed, which are available now in the Nintendo eShop.



    1. Guacamelee is such a fun little indie game. The story is good, the platforming is pretty challenging at times, I liked the characters, and the music is nice too.

    2. Great story, great art, funny easter eggs. Id put it on the “must buy” end of a 7/10.
      Have not played severed, but heard great things.

  1. If Nintendo didn’t buy Atlus, then they sure as hell aren’t going to give a Dev kit to these nobodies. Most likely they will be told the specs and have to port around it.

    1. No bodies? Lol thee eshop was “severed” themed for a whole week when it came out, both are great games. Very polished too. What dues not buying atlas have to do with anything?

  2. Nintendo was whoring out Wii U dev kits for pretty much everybody.
    Not sure they’ll do it with switch, if they get bigger 3rd party companies backing the console.
    They might give it to the few successful indie company that made games for Wii U.

  3. I’m sure after this call out Nintendo will (probably already) overnight them some dev kits. The idea is to get as many great quality titles on the switch this time around and not have a game drought. Sounds like a win win for Nintendo. Guacamelee was fantastic. (Also worked great on vita, so these guys understanding portable is another win).

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