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Rumour: Nintendo Investing More Into eSports With The Switch

Competitive gaming website PVPLive has reported that sources “intimate with eSports team management” have mentioned that Nintendo will be investing more into eSports on the Switch.

“I know Splatoon was a test run for a competitive game, so they’re either gonna flesh the current game out, or do something for the Switch,” a source claimed. “From what it sounds like, they aren’t looking to make a LoL, CS, or Overwatch,” “They don’t want to be a front runner; they just want to be a part of it.”

The website also advises that organisations identified with eSports have been in touch with Nintendo, and noted that Super Smash Bros and Pokken were named as games being looked into for the future.

As with all rumours, they need to be taken with a pinch of salt until anything official is released. Hopefully we will know more once further details on the Switch arrive in January.



26 thoughts on “Rumour: Nintendo Investing More Into eSports With The Switch”

  1. Dang, if they had a Splatoon event just like the trailer had, that’d be freakin’ awesome! I think they should push for games other than Smash though, that game already has a huge community. They should try to develop communities for some of their other franchises.

  2. Metroid Prime would honestly be Nintendo’s go-to for FPS titles, and it could definitely work if executed properly. Then there is Smash Brothers, Mario Maker, and Splatoon that already have a competitive scene.

    1. I’d add Mario Kart too. MP would be fun if that was Retro’s next game and it had a multiplayer mode with Federation Marines and Space Pirates.

  3. Does this confirm Pokken Tournament Wii U port Pokken Tournament 2 and Smash 4 or possibly Smash 5 for the Switch? It certainly sounds like it

  4. Please fix for glory with legit stages, not just fd everything. Also patch notes for future smash games. Maybe smash needs sakurai to give it up for smash to be great again

  5. I still don’t fully understand the full concept of what esports is? Even after looking it up, I’m still confused. But I don’t really care. I just get sick of everyone knowing what it is but me. I don’t even remember hearing the term “esports” until the Switch trailer.

        1. The only thing I pay attention to in eSports is Street Fighter. I follow yahoo esports on twitter and I watch the live streams sometimes. They can be pretty entertaining.

  6. If they will be investing heavily into this, Smash definitely won’t be ending with Smash 4. So like I said, this franchise will continue whether Sakurai is apart of it or not. Maybe Smash 4 can be Nintendo’s version of Capcom’s Street Fighter 4 where it will get multiple remakes or ports with more, new content. lol

  7. Pokken Tournament would be nice, I pick my favorite Charizard the one who flies nice.

    Now Mewtwo is rather cool but I really like Psyduck now he is a fool.

    Jiggypuff is a laugh seeing her in smash. BUt now no smash isnt complete without her famous pound crash with a dash.

  8. I really want eSports to become a thing in modern society, not just in professional areas. Like in high schools. An Olympic games style dedicated to just eSports could be amazing!

    And with Nintendo being there, not only eSports will get bigger than they are no now, but it will also help Nintendo to keep reminding people that they still make awesome games!

  9. “The website also advises that organisations identified with eSports have been in touch with Nintendo, and noted that Super Smash Bros…”
    Sakurai just shook his head slowly. Poor dude never wanted his game to be competitive for whatever reason. Went as far as to refer to it as a ‘party game’. I know a lot of people are into it, but I’d rather just play the game than watch other people play it while yelling “Where you at it!!??” at the top of their lungs. But to each their own.

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  11. If Smash comes to eSports it will be a great addition to then. It will increase the alredy great popularity Smash has. It can be a party game but it has more potencial than just that and it will help Nintendo increase their economy.

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