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Laura Dale: March 17th Is The Day The Nintendo Switch Launches In PAL Regions

Journalist Laura Dale who has previously been spot on with news regarding the upcoming Nintendo Switch platform has revealed on Twitter that she’s heard from her sources that Nintendo’s next console will launch on March 17th. This specific date is for PAL regions such as Europe and Australia. It will be released worldwide that same week but will have different dates for different regions. This has yet to be confirmed by Nintendo.


  1. March 18th is Monster Hunter XX in Japan. I really have no doubt left. There’ll be an HD Switch version like Tri Ultimate at Wii U’s Japanese launch.

    1. That’s my birthday. But I’m not into Monster Hunter personally. But at least a lot of other people get a game they want on my birthday. So that’s cool.

  2. I imagined it would have been March 10th for Mario day but a week after that on St Patricks works as well. I can imagine March 10th having a special look at the Switch at Best Buy and other retailers to drum up pre orders before it launches a week later.

  3. Thats good for me too. It will give me enough time to get the money to buy the Nintendo Switch with Zelda Breath of the Wild.

    1. True. Good thing Pokemon will come in 2 weeks. But Zelda and Metroid are my favorite games. The exploration and gameplay of these games are exelent.

  4. My pot-bellied pig turns 10 the following day and my dog has 100,000 hair on March 17. Time to celebrate!

  5. If memory serves, March 17th (2015) was the day the Switch was first announced (as NX) as well.

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