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Emily Rogers: “I Wouldn’t Be Surprised If 3D Mario Ends Up Being A Day One Launch Title For Switch Instead Of Zelda”

There’s still a lot of unanswered questions about the Nintendo Switch and its game lineup. But folks in the gaming community are still hard at work to get whatever information they can. This includes Emily Rogers, who recently took to Twitter to talk about 3D Mario replacing Zelda as a day one launch title for the console. We’ve included the tweets down below, so feel free to check them out.

Source 1 / Source 2 / Source 3

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    1. She can be just as wrong as anyone else, but she’s been spot on with her rumors so far. I would say just take what we’ve seen in the Switch trailer into consideration when she says these things, because that Mario game did look well developed for a game that was supposedly just started. Many new game demos usually showcase one playable area, but that 3D Mario title seemed more fleshed out than that.


    1. It doesn’t help she says things like this after so many others have said it. Mario Switch is the only known title to be a proper launch title, and BotW was changed to just 2017 instead of March 2017. It doesn’t take a detective to reach this conclusion.

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    1. Well it WAS.

      Then they killed it when they copied Overwatch’s matchmaking structure. There was nothing wrong with it until then.

      Not to mention if you want to play “competitively” you have to buy it, as if we hadn’t sunk enough money into it for hats and MVM tickets, or if you had it before June 2011, the game itself before it went Free-2-Play.

      TF2 is a shell of its former self.


  1. Metroid Bane:
    I hope Zelda is also relased the same day as mario or before mario. That game has being in development 6 years right?


      1. Metroid Bane:
        Yes you’re right, I also hope that. Zelda and Metroid are my favorite games and Breath of the Wild will be the longest Zelda game of all.

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      2. ||There is no hope, only the truth…||

        ||You should change your name to stop typing it every comment, just a suggestion…||

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      3. To tell you the truth I have bein having problems with that since I put my user name on Gravatar and I am a bit puzzled on how to change that.


      4. I really want to change it to Metroid Bane but I am terrible with things like this. Perhaps in time I will get use on how to change these things. I am also thinking on talking to a cousing who is used to do these things to teach me how to change my name.

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  2. she has been bang on most of the time and commonsense MARIO IS NEAR FINISHED

    NINTENDO HAVE BEEN MAKING SWITCH GAMES FOR LIKE 2 TO 4 YEARS NOW was no one listening and watching what iwata was saying a yr before he passed away

    nintendo has merged its mobile handheld and console dev teams they have built a 1.3 billion development building


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  3. is it a good strategy to have 2 big titles at launch? humm isnt better to save one for the next holiday or something? Well, Im just saying, I’m not an expert, far from this.
    If were I, I would buy Zelda first and Mario just after I have finished BTW, but I dont know the rest of the world, so..

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      1. ||Obviously it will have, do you really think these third class empires would even admit support for the Switch otherwise?…||

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  4. With Nintendo, anything is quite possible honestly.
    If they do end up doing this, not only will it be a silly choice, but they will also be restarting the cycle they did during the Wii U. There is also a possibility this could cause more harm than good considering the Wii U version of the game might net itself a delay in the process (If Nintendo is planning a simultaneous launch that is).
    BoTW is a title everyone has been looking forward to since day 1, and I will be severely disappointed if they decide to do a last minute delay after getting everyone roused with the amount of announcements and footage they’ve been revealing.

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  5. Not unless Nintendo made the switch to remove Pikmin 4 off Wii U on to the Switch for Grunty the witch. NOwnif they did that I would have no issue or not fit. THats how you get the Switch to benfit.

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  6. There’s no way the 3D Mario was in development longer than Breath of the Wild. BOTW probably started development after Skyward Sword came out (early 2012). The 3D Mario, on the other hand, probably started development after Super Mario 3D World came out (early 2014). I’d actually be surprised if the new 3D Mario came out first. Also, I remember reading an article where Miyamoto said “maybe we’ll see something next E3.” Maybe we’ll see a trailer in the January switch presentation with a late Spring/Summer release.

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  7. Ok so a game that is going to come out in march when the switch launches might not launch with the switch but a Mario will instead? where is the logic in this?


  8. I’m getting sick of Emily denying Nintendo’s words! She did it first with the Switch by backing rumors that directly contradicted Iwata’s words about their future NOT consisting of a hybrid, and now she’s doing it by denying Miyamoto’s words that the 3D Mario is NOT READY FOR LAUNCH and that they MAY talk about it at E3 2017. She was just lucky that Nintendo overturned their original words with the outcome of the Switch, but she needs to stop taking sources as more credible than Nintendo until the latter proves to be consistently untrustworthy like they were with the Switch’s form factor.


  9. Slightly off topic, but if the WiiU version of Zelda isn’t out by the end of March, I’m going to cry. Nintendo has promised a thousand times that the game will in fact come out on WiiU and won’t be pushed entirely over to Switch… but until that game is out, I don’t feel safe.


  10. She’s a credible source but she’s jumping to conclusions while trying to be bold. The Mario game at launch will be the enhanced Mario Kart 8 and Zelda will be a launch game also, Mario will be the Holiday killer app. Nintendo needs a strong start and something to keep the momentum and nothing is best suited to keep the hype up than Mario.

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    1. You can’t, or at least shouldn’t, say something like that so matter of factly, when in reality, we are only privy to the same 3 plus minutes of Switch tease that everyone else saw.

      We don’t even know if that is accurate calling the Mario Kart we saw “enhanced Mario Kart 8” when there is no precedent for such an offering. I saw a different game than Mario Kart 8, similar sure… but the last 4 mario kart games have been similar


  11. I enjoy sharing these blurbs as much as the next guy, but seriously. A site like My Nintendo News is not the place for this. Let those having a conversation on Twitter enjoy it under less publicized circumstances.


  12. Kinda shocking that I even have to point this out, but she didn’t say “Zelda won’t be a launch title”, she said “I wouldn’t be surprised […]”. How do people not see the difference?


  13. wonderful…

    “I’m basing this off things I’ve been hearing for 3-4 months now” … she could have said this a month ago then… why say it now?

    smh.. i’m tired of all these rumors. MNN should just create a diff area for rumors and update it without flashing all the rumors on the front page.


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