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A Director Has Been Hired For The Live-Action Detective Pikachu Movie

There has been a new development in the production of the live-action Detective Pikachu movie. Rob Letterman has been brought on as the movie’s director. Letterman’s previous works include Goosebumps, Monsters Vs. Aliens and Shark Tale. He directed Goosebumps and Monsters Vs. Aliens. As for Shark Tale, he directed and wrote it. Not much more was revealed, but at least we know more about who is working on the project.



  1. Facepalm! Great first the Cancer that is Pokemon Go Now this Bulllshit? (sigh) This is why gaming is losing it’s grip on me and I’m focusing more on my vocal work and console mods.

  2. I hope whatever it is, it is more driven by the story and mystery rather than multitudes of over the top pokemon battles.

  3. But I’m still confused, why choose Detective Pikachu instead of adapting a movie based on actual games themselves (even if the anime had done them to death)?

    Wouldn’t it make sense to localize the game internationally first?

  4. goosebumps let me down but it wasn’t the worst movie, there was some good quality’s in it. shark tale, i remember seeing when i was a kid, haven’t seen it since so that could be crap. MvA is my guilty pleasure movie but i know it isn’t great. Hopefully, he can make a bit better than goosebumps quality film and sticks to the core of the game

  5. I feel like if we all just accept it now that this movie is going to be bad, we’ll have a lot more fun watching it when it comes out.

    This movie will probably be fun to watch and all, but yeah, I doubt it will be a timeless classic. (Unless. Danny. DEVITO!!!) It is Detective Pikachu after all. It’s gonna be campy.

  6. D: He did a terrible job with Goosebumps. Instead of making the movie similar to the awesome Goosebump tv show of the 90s where it was at least trying to be scary, and sometimes it did succeed at doing that, the movie was just one giant comedy movie. In fact, the latest Goosebumps movie reminded me too much of the trailers for Pixels. *sigh* Well time to put my expectations for this movie as low as possible.

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