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The King Of Unova Returns In The Latest Pokémon Generations

Despite last episode’s early release, Pokémon Generations has returned to Friday. Back in the Unova region, the episode follows the mysterious N. There aren’t too many weeks left of this awesome series, so make the most of it while you can.

6 thoughts on “The King Of Unova Returns In The Latest Pokémon Generations”

  1. How cool is this i found a nes Mini in the box on my train ride back home now i got 3 of them one modded with 100 games and two i stored away. Talk about lucky

  2. If these aren’t being made to get people hyped up for a possible full fledged anime of Pokemon Generations based on the manga Pokemon Adventures, what a huge waste of a great oppurtunity. Probably don’t want to make it into an anime because of the fact PA is darker than that kiddy anime with Ash since characters actually die, both human & Pokemon alike, in that manga. :/

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