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Pokémon GO Glitch Is Causing Giant Pokémon To Appear

Most glitches tend to only hinder the player, but on rare occasions some bugs can lead to hilarious results. An oversight in the latest Pokémon GO update can potentially turn your buddy Pokemon into a Godzilla sized monster. Not only can the characters be seen filling the entire screen, the map underneath them makes it seem like they are literally stomping through your neighbourhood. While we hope Niantic addresses the glitch soon, it is certaintly funny while it lasts. Check out some pictures below.



  1. It happens when you open your trainer profile. It usually only happens for a split second, so you have to take a screenshot shot right away in order to see it.

  2. When is this annoying app going to stop making news my city shopping district has finally stopped playing and is banned in libraries. Now all that’s needed is for it to be stopped everywhere else then just focus on pokemon sun ans moon and not some stupid app!

      1. libraries are better then sitting on your ass and playing games! You meet and learn a lot more than using some stupid app. This generation is too technology reliant it’s insulting.

          1. yeah go out but, having hooded morons taking your phones were as in a library there’s no bullshit like that.

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