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Speculation Flies As Miyamoto Teases A Mario Samurai Game

While Miyamoto’s appearance onΒ The Tonight ShowΒ earlier this week largely revolved around Super Mario Run, it looks like he may have been teasing something else. Eagle-eyed viewers may have noticed Miyamoto’s Samurai Mario shirt. While many probably wrote this off as a simple mashup, it was Bill Trinen’s tweet yesterday that really sparked fan speculation. According to Bill, the shirt is something that needs to be “figured out”, the Nintendo rep even teasing that he knows “what’s up”. Could this be a hint towards the next Mario game? Tell us below?



  1. It would be fun if it hinted at a time travel game (samurai setting and that western setting we saw in the NS trailer), but it’s probably just a pun like TurdFurgy said

  2. Oh! I see how it is! Sonic holds a sword and he’s jumping the shark! But MARIO DOES IT AND NO ONE RAISES AN EYEBROW!?!


  3. Mario Conquest/Fire Emblem/X-Zone?

    Unless this is one of those lite handheld widget games, just give us a non-linear explorative 3D platformer in the same category as Super Mario 64, Sunshine, Star Road, The Last Impact, Banjo-Kazooie, and Banjo-Tooie.

  4. Did anyone think about samus from metroid other m after the thumbs down to thumbs up?? Metroid Switch incoming?

  5. It says “Ran” like the Kurosawa samurai film. And the game shown was Super Mario Run (“Super Mario Ran”).

  6. How about just a samurai game? I know it sucks that they have to attach an existing IP to it in order to ensure it’s profitability, but this is Nintendo and Miyamoto we’re talking about, so an original IP could still work.

  7. Ugh! Please don’t give us a game where Mario is a damn samurai! If it’s a simple power up, cool but not the entire game revolving around Mario being a samurai! It was cute back in the NES days when Mario was being a plumber, teacher, doctor, etc but now it’s just keeping a good idea from being used for a new IP.

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