Super Mario Run Apparently Requires 75 Megabytes Of Data Per Hour Of “Constant, Involved” Play

It looks like Super Mario Run could potentially eat up a big chunk of your smartphone data. The upcoming online-only mobile game is said to require 75 megabytes of data per hour of “constant, involved” play after the initial download. In most cases, however, it will use a “significantly less” amount. Nintendo has yet to comment this report, but we’ll let you know whether there is any confirmation. Super Mario Run is set to launch this Thursday, December 15, for iOS devices.



  1. This better be a joke.
    Seriously. That’s fucking bad and a deal breaker.
    Tell me Nintendo did not cluster-fuck this up.

    1. They just lost million$ with that news. Pokemon go is one thing. But this is Mario jumping…… What crap. Not that I’d buy it any way, not on apple any way.

      1. Yea I think if it has enough content why not. I like Mario and I like the idea so Ill be showing my support with a small donation of ten dollars if it’s worth it. Of course I will be checking out reviews and everything since I have an Android won’t be getting it for a while

        1. Yeah yeah, BitchAssBoss, or BossAssBitch. Which ever one it is. The dude with the torrets. Havent seen him in a while. Maybe he finally got ip banned.

  2. I hope not. It’s ridiculous! Nintendo already screwed Miitomo for me by making it stupidly large (memory-wise), don’t screw Super Mario Run by making it really demanding

  3. Pokemon Go, which is constantly using data during play, only uses like 3 mb per hour… the hell is this going to need 75? Unless you’re constantly downloading the level content as it’s generating…..dear god I hope not

      1. Even then it shouldn’t use this much. The assets should be there and the level geometry honestly can’t be more than a few kb per level. It’s just block positions and maybe a little more.

        Except if it continues to load in assets for new level types, but that has to be through at some point, going back to low usage.

  4. What could this game do that could possibly warrant needing that much data PER HOUR?

    I wasn’t getting this in the first place, but if I was, this would push me away so hard.

  5. So we get to pay $10 to use up chunks of our data. Brilliant. Guess SMR will be one of those casual games you only play for 10 or so minutes every couple of hours.

    1. Lol. It’s a freeminu game that you pay 10 dollars for 1 hour and you keep having to wait every month to play to avoid eating your plan. Lol. Nintendo is genius.

  6. Based on the wording of this article I’m thinking this is the date usage if you constantly do toad challenges or whatever it’s called. I imagine if you’re playing the standard game it’ll use much less. It’s still a joke.

  7. If you read the original, it says 75 or less. The 75 is a clear overstatement, that may only be close to true in the more wireless communication intensive modes, like the Toad Challenges. You have to remember, Pokemon GO doesn’t do a lot of data intensive things, it’s mostly GPS reliant. If the game has to use your data to load more than Pokemon positions, it would be much more draining.

    Furthermore, if you look at the standard 2 GB of data per person estimate of data usage, that’s 26.9867 hours a month of gameplay. The average person won’t play that much. I’d expect no more than 10 hours of out-of-home, or rather out-of-WiFi, play each month. That’s 750 MB, which is a lot, but less than most data plans. I’ve lived on 1 GB a month. It’s more than doable if you have 2 to yourself ( which is the average usage per month) and are willing to cut back on some things; watching videos on apps or using your data to boost your GPS and using the GPS frequently, for example.

    I have between 3 and 4 GB a month for myself, and rarely go above 2. I would be fine to play this game, though it’s not my style, so I don’t plan to buy it. Besides, even if you don’t have the data, it doesn’t stop you from playing at home, at most eateries, or at almost any other place, as almost everyone has WiFi.

    1. I don’t have access to Internet where I live. It’s all mobile data, you better believe I’m stingy with every last MB! :)
      I realize not everyone lives in the country, but like I said, Even the chance I could be playing and soak a few hundred megabytes over a couple ours is a deal breaker for me.

  8. Chill guys.
    It’s probably the max amount if you’re playing through the game and it constantly has to download the levels fir the first time. I imagine they’re stored locally after they’re retrieved the first time.

  9. I have Unlimited data but for those that don’t this is really sucks good grief. I can see this game becoming a massive flop if they don’t remove the Online Only requirement.

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