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Nintendo Has Filed A Trademark Application For Eternal Darkness

One of the beloved titles for the GameCube was Eternal Darkness and with rumours swirling that the Nintendo Switch has GameCube Virtual Console support many will be excited to hear that a trademark for the game was filed yesterday on December 23, 2016. We will probably have to wait until January to see if anything comes of this during the Nintendo Switch presentation which will be streamed online for all to watch. Would you like to revisit Eternal Darkness on the Nintendo Switch via the Virtual Console?



    1. This is a must-have title! It’s so different from any other game you have ever played that you can only understand what I mean if you actually play it (don’t emulate it, it will lose its point)! It plays games with your mind. Trust me, this game made my heart miss a beat several times! Not because it’s creepy, but because it becomes too real!

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  2. I bought a copy from gamestop for $30, it did not came with its case or a jewel case. Kinda worth it to buy it from gamestop than a scalper.

  3. A spacial job sounds excellent! Previous physics teachers told me I had above average skill in that area…. All b.s. comments aside, hope this comes to fruition, at least in VC form. A remaster would be even beter! Freaking awesome game! I’m generally not too much of a fan of this genre(survival horror, or whatever), but to me this game stood head and shoulders above all the others. Really messed with your head. Would be awesome for a lot of the people who were to young or missed out to get to experience it.

  4. i prefer a new game… ive never been into VC stuff. i dont really see the point in buying new hardware to play old software. being as that ive never played the game cube release before an cool new game in the franchise would spark my interest and encourage me to find a copy of the original… but i suppose this post has already done that so, i guess its win win. except for there not being a new Eternal Darkness game. Just googled this tittle before posting, considering the information ive gathered, maybe this will generate some interest and Dyack and his team can get Shadow of the Eternals off the ground… maybe even an actual sequel to Eternal Darkness? IDK, but fun stuff. ill be on the look out for a gamecube copy

  5. Good, good… I myself will likely not play this, but I see this as a sign that Nintendo is finally starting to embrace their older, adult audience again and dropping the for-kids attitude that plagued the last two consoles.

  6. I remember when Nintendo let the original trademark expire the first time, so I had lost hope then, but man, to see it renewed now, especially because they let it expire, gives me new hope.

    …even if they do end up not doing anything with it and instead are just protecting what’s theirs.

  7. I’d love an HD remaster with updated graphics on par with Wii U or PS4 more, but I’ll take a VC re-release… Unless of course the HD makes the game look like shit like it did with Skyward Sword. :/

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