3DS users will have some complications tomorrow, as Nintendo is planning some 3DS maintenance. It will run for 2 hours. In the US, it will run from 4:30pm to 6:30pm on the West Coast and 7:50pm to 9:30pm on the East Coast. As for Europe, it will technically be January 18th when the maintenance begins. In the UK, the maintenance will occur from 12:50am to 2:30am. The rest of Europe will experience the maintenance from 1:50am to 3:30am. Certain network services may be impacted by this, so you may want to keep that in mind.




  1. Very off topic but I just got of Eurogamer (first time visiting) and must say its comments section is as cancerous as youtube’s and its knowledge is about as bad as ign’s. Sorry about my mini rant but I’ll never be going there again 😅


    • Or maybe they’ll shock us & it’ll be a region free update! :D *sad sigh* Yeah, you’re most likely 99.9% correct…


  2. 2 hours? *shrug* It’s probably just going to be 2 hours of nothing.


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