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Man Gets Tattoo Of The Nintendo Switch Logo

As a Nintendo fans, I’m sure you all hope the Switch succeeds. However, this loyalist has an even greater reason to want it do well.Β Reddit userΒ Scwinsett has had the Switch logo tattooed on his arm. While it is quite a cool looking logo,Β we’re wondering if he’ll ever regret his decision. What do you think of Scwinsett’s tattoo? Tell us below.


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    1. ||He has submitted his life to The First Order, there is nothing to question…||

      1. Ya…because I was bashing Nintendo here and not the f**kin idiot that tattooed a Nintendo Switch logo on his arm…. You Nintendo fanboys are so f**kin dumb lol.

      2. }{ Well… That came out of nowhere… Honestly he might have just lost a bet, as tattoos in general are just kinda ugly… Come 2 or 3 generations from now he’ll regret that mark… or if the Switch doesn’t do as well as is expected he will most definitely come to regret that mark… }{

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