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Nearly 6000 Pokémon Sun And Moon Players Banned For Altering Save Files

It seems like The Pokemon Company is really cracking down on hacking. A massive 5,954 players have been banned from online activity for altering their Sun and Moon save file. While the game will still function normally offline, players will be met with an error code when they try to use Game Sync, Battle Spot or the GTS. This doesn’t seem to be the end of it either, Game Freak pledging to pursue more hackers.

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40 thoughts on “Nearly 6000 Pokémon Sun And Moon Players Banned For Altering Save Files”

  1. From the sounds of it, what gets you banned is doing crazy obvious shit. Using Powersaves and PKHex normally seems to be fine, but changing your Player ID number to something specific, or changing your name to something normally blocked by the system, and any sort of overworld mods are what gets you booted.

    So just keep it discrete, and you should be alright.

      1. Oh yeah, totally. But from the reports on reddit, gamefaqs and facebook of people who both have and haven’t been banned, simply spawning a couple items here or there, making a pokemon shiny, altering IVs and small things like that doesn’t seem to be detected as easily, or at the very least wasn’t a high frequency of the bans this round, and that’s what most people tend to use the device for.

  2. If you hack you should respect those who don’t and play offline anyways. I’m all for messing with your game as long as it doesn’t hurt other’s experience with it. I’ve definitely used Action Replay/Game Shark on all Pokemon games at some point. Usually I do it when I buy the second version of the game to speed through. I assume these people went online with super overpowered Pokemon or unobtainable shiny Pokemon. If something is detecting that game saves are tampered with I’m sure hackers will find a way around that as usual.

  3. glad i retired from pokemon while i still could besides only games i’m happy for is fire emblem echoes Shadows of Valentia & Breath of the wild after that i’m focusing on my job as an console modder I made a hdmi nes console and yes i did have to move a few things around but it’s pretty good and i got it configured to use a usb controller so it works pretty well

      1. i don’t really care for that kind of thing, so as long as i write my opinion i don’t really mind how i write stuff on a forums.

    1. Altering save is a simple way of hacking. Thats essentially what it is. You can alter you save file files to get shinys, but mainly its used for getting perfect IV pokemon, at least for the competitive cheaters.

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  5. King Kalas X3 (Greatness Awaits at Sony PlayStation 4 only because Nintendo are DUMBFUCKS!!)

    Nothing wrong with hacking a game… as long as you stay the fuck offline because hacking then using your hacked shit online is cheating everyone else.

  6. Are those images of Ash (the main character) and Bonnie (a younger child around the same age as the intended audience of the current generation) supposed to make hackers feel ashamed?

    If it works, then people have zero backbone and little justification for their actions. I could really use one of Haedox’s Nintendo criticism editorials about now.

    All of this and no in-game Hall of Fame, O-Powers, Wild Audino, Le Wow Restaurant, or many rebattleable trainers.

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  8. Some people are too busy to go through the process of training but still want to play Online. I personally think as long as you stay in fair bounds, it’s not that big of a deal.

    That said, 3DS security is pathetic. I can promise you there will be a fix for it in a couple days like when they had the NNID/eShop ban on early Sun/Moon adopters.

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