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Ubisoft Says It Will Be Strongly Supporting Nintendo Switch

Ubisoft has reconfirmed its commitment to the upcoming Nintendo Switch platform and says that it will be strongly supporting the console. The company has pointed towards the huge success of the Pokémon franchise which has reaffirmed its belief in the Nintendo brand.


  1. You may be wondering why we keep hearing about developers who supposedly will be strongly supporting the Switch but we don’t get to know specific titles, this is because Nintendo wants to have third-party games that in the most part are launched throughout this year (like COD 2017, FIFA 18, new Assassins Creed, etc) rather than ports of previously launched games, this is why most of the third-party games didn’t sell well on the Wii U.

    So my guess is that in E3 2017 lots of third-party will be confirming several games for the 3 platforms (Xbox, PS4, Switch)

    1. That is a very good thought. It makes sense that games that were already out 1-3 years will not sell well.

      Skyrim might do well because it is such a popular title with better staying power across multiple platforms, so it being portable will be a plus. (I will be buying it)

      And so if they are going to get new stuff announced at E3 and if they fit in before or by the holiday then we will be looking good

  2. I could buy ZombiU on my other machine, but it’s not the same without the gamepad. If anyone can take advantage of HD rumble, they can.

  3. E3 will show exactly how much commitment these companies are going to do. Obviously big games aren’t usually announced before E3 at this stage in the year so we’ll see. I am not naïve thinking that all AAA games are coming but hopefully there will be some that have been on Nintendo platforms before and maybe some new ones.

    1. “E3 will show exactly how much commitment these companies are going to do.”

      Strange. this feels like deja vu; in which, I swear I saw a comment with this exact sentence around the time the Wii U came out..

  4. To quote Jim Sterling, “Oh, Ubisoft!”

    Could their mention of Pokémon mean they know something that all fans with a brainstorm have already assumed for a long time? ;)

  5. I’ve always wondered why people gave Zombi U such a hard time. I thought it was a fantastic game that took great advantage of the Wii U Hardware. Was it really that bad?

    1. no it didnt it was a fps and no GYRO AIM FAIL no wii remote and chuck FAIL

      the gamepad usage was gimmicyy not core value aiming and caming via the second stick in zombie u was AWFUL

    2. Same. The graphic whores out there trashed it but if they would’ve taken the to play it they would’ve saw that it was a hidden gem

  6. If that were honestly the case, they would have announced “For Honor” would be coming to the Switch. Nothing big will be coming to the Switch other then Nintendo’s IPS. Which is fine. Dont be mad that 3rd parties are not coming though…just get a good pc, thats all you need to play basically everything. A good PC and a Nintendo Switch. Nintendo for Single Player, PC for Multiplayer.

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