Did You Know Gaming? Takes A Closer Look At The Nintendo 64

With the Nintendo Switchโ€™s March 3rd release dateย looming, it seems like an ideal time to look back on some of the company’s past consoles. With this in mind, Did You Know Gaming? have released on video about the Nintendo 64. It’s packed with interesting facts, including how it was almost the Sega 64. Check it out below.


  1. Every console was great in their own time. But the Nintendo 64 had more problems than any other Nintendo console. Including the dark, polygonal, blurry graphics and awkward controllers. And the cartridge memory paks. What were they thinking?

    1. Well, for the controllers it was probably something like: “Lets revolutionize video games with an analog stick and add a peripheral port at the bottom of the controller to future proof it” It only became a bad design when Sony perfected analog controllers.

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