Breath Of The Wild Accidentally Sold Early In The Netherlands

Nintendo fans around the world can’t wait any longer for Breath of the Wild to be released. However, a few lucky people from the Netherlands have managed to get their hands on the game early.Β Media Markt Groningen has reportedly being selling the latest Zelda game before its official release date. While the Switch version would be pretty much useless untilΒ the actual console’s release, one gamer has posted a picture of the Wii U release. Check out the lucky fan’s picture below.

ThanksΒ Jeffry van Geel



    1. ||MediaMarkt is being bought by my territory, this is their final betrayal…||

  1. Not unusual for Media Markt, they start selling games a couple days earlier most of the time (or always, actually, haha) here too. Even if the game isn’t on the shelves yet, just ask an employee and they’ll let you have it in case they’ve received the shipment already.

    1. Thatd be so sweet! Dont their systems have a shelf date or street date lock on the registers? I work at a dollar type store. We always get our shipments after the street date on the box. But usually important dates like those we listen to.

      1. I assume they get shipments a couple days earlier to ensure the game will be on the shelves ready to be sold as soon as they open on release day. Media Markt is a pretty big retailer over here, so they can’t really afford to be late on stuff like that.
        And I’m sure they do know about the official release dates, but deliberately choose to start selling earlier. I’d guess one of the reasons for that is because selling games earlier wins them customers, myself being one of them. To give you an example, I got my copy of FFXV like 4 or 5 days prior the official release at Media Markt, shipments seemed to have arrived only moments ago. As soon as they could, they put the game on display, and no jokes, within minutes, the shelves were empty again, because people just grabbed their copy as soon as they saw it. I’m sure it was unexpected for many, and I definitely wouldn’t be surprised if some of them were originally planning to buy it somewhere else. Obviously, FFXV was highly anticipated, so perhaps the situation was a bit more “extreme” than it is with some titles, but I’m sure things go similarly with other games, just on a accordingly smaller scale.

  2. I’ll have to be careful not to be subjected to spoilers now as no doubt people will inevitably be uploading them……unless Nintendo prevents it, you know how strict they are when it comes to release dates and broadcasting.

  3. Ach, klaarlijk het is in Nederland – de nieuwe Hyrule – de eerste land wie krijk de nieuwe Zelda spel! Ah, dus, het is normaalijk onze Americaaners. Gefeliciteerd, mijn Nederlanders! Proost! :-)

    I did at least place my preorder for Breath of the Wild today – and 1/2 Switch! So I’m more solidly guaranteed things to play on my Switch than I am a Switch to play things on!

      1. Nee, het was met geen helpen. Ik spreek een kleine Nederlands. OkΓ©, als een kind, en met zeer slechte grammatik, en zelfs met een beetje duitse woorden bij fel mischien. Maar alle dit was zonder helpen….dus, ik spreek en beetje, ja? :-)

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