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CNET Makes A Video To Criticize The Nintendo Switch Kickstand

CNET senior editor Sean Hollister doesn’t seem to be very fond of the Nintendo Switch kickstand for a number of reasons. According to Hollister, the kickstand can be knocked over quite easily – resulting in a potentially damaged system. He even put together the following video and points to argue why he thinks the kickstand doesn’t always keep the console from falling flat:

  • The kickstand is small and isn’t centered in the back of the tablet, so it’s not particularly balanced or steady on its feet. It doesn’t take much to knock it over.
  • The foot only opens to a single angle — no adjustable hinge like you’d find on a Microsoft Surface tablet.
  • The kickstand can pop off entirely if the Switch falls over, or if you press too hard.



  1. I call bullshit.
    I watched the video.
    They were intentionally causing the damn thing to fall flat and such.
    I watched the cringe worthy video facepalming all the while.
    I think they were just looking for something negative to say about the device.

  2. The limited kickstand angle is a fair criticism. Otherwise though, I somehow get the feeling the average user will not intentionally push it over, will rarely accidentally bump the joycons into the screen, and definitely won’t fumble so badly trying to remove the joycons both at once (except maybe the first time or two if they’ve watched a lot of the commercials). That last point was actually embarrassing to watch.

    1. Everything seemed a bit forced and intentional in that video. Not saying it can’t fall over but I don’t think it’s going to be a big issue like that video is trying to make it seem.

  3. Who in their right mind would forcefully press down on the stand so hard that it bends? Or ram the joycon into the screen? haha. It’s an electronic device, you’re not supposed to manhandle it. Yes, the stand being on just one side and offering only a single angle might not be completely optimal, but it certainly doesn’t mean it’s impossible to put the Switch up in a secure position and use it safely, by any means. Just be careful with it, like, you know, you should be with any electronic device, and everything will be perfectly fine. Or if you own a WiiU, you could use the stand that came with it as well, it’s actually very handy for more than just the gamepad. q:

  4. Unrealistic. The kickstand does look a little flimsy but nobody is going to use it like you have in the video. Maybe when removing the joy cons it might get a bit wobbly. Especially when they are pretty new and the guides are not worn in at all.

    4 more days ’till Zelda..

  5. Ever since I saw the reveal video I had been cringing at the thought of how the fulcrum allows plenty of torque to enable the equilibrium to lose to mild external forces.

  6. 1. You’d still have to be mighty careless for the kickstand to fall off, or for the console to knock over.

    2. I’m surprised they didn’t put 2 of these kickstands on it. There’s plenty of room on the other side for a second one.

  7. [narrator voice]
    ‘Is your switch kickstand ALWAYS falling down?’
    [cue hollister clumsily rubbing his hand into it until falls over, looks hella cheesed, shaking his head]
    ‘does it trip you up and break your stuff?’
    [hollister walks into it and trips headlong into his tv screen, cue ambulance sound effects]
    ‘stop the danger AND end the anger, with our special super duper…!’
    [a ps4/xbox/pc spins into view w/ sparkly sound effects]
    ‘This completely different system! Stop PAYING nintendo any MONEY and buy this shit instead! It’s so awesome!’
    [hollister looks up from his video gamez and gives us the thumbs up w/ a giant ass cheesy smile]
    ‘You won’t regret it, call NOW.’

    1. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits at Sony PlayStation 4! Hopefully it will also await us at Nintendo Switch if Nintendo doesn't FUCK things up again!} says:

      Infomercials in a nutshell! xD

  8. Blunty put it best in his YouTube Video. It’s basically like one of the silly American Informercials where they show someone struggling overexageratedly, with slow motion footage. It’s all a little stupid to be honest with you, because a normal Player will never actually do any of the things shown in the video. Thankfully, I watched Blunty’s Video that had the footage in it, instead of giving Ad Revenue to these Ass Clowns.

  9. I have a surface tablet and the switch’s price tag makes it notably NOT a surface tablet. This is not a deal breaker, this is a whiney journalist with gorilla hands complaining about small issues. Doom and gloom, doom and gloom!

  10. The CNET video is obviously exaggerated and a tad silly, but critiques of the kickstand seem valid. It seems flimsy and unbalanced given it’s placement and limited angle.

    On it’s own this maybe doesn’t stand for much, but I think folds into a larger category of concern re: poor design choices that perhaps speak to the Switch being rushed out. (Example, the charging port is on the bottom, meaning you can’t have it plugged in while in standup mode, because the cable gets in the way)

  11. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits at Sony PlayStation 4! Hopefully it will also await us at Nintendo Switch if Nintendo doesn't FUCK things up again!} says:

    *doesn’t watch video & reads comments instead* Well I know what news outlet I’m ignoring in the future when it comes to video game systems! That’s all they really accomplished with this bullshit.

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