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Violent Rhythm Game ‘Thumper’ For Nintendo Switch Will Utilise HD Rumble And Run At 60fps

With the majority of the internet transfixed on picking up when a title doesn’t run at a ‘solid 60fps’, it’s relieving news to hear that the upcoming Thumper game will run at 60fps but it will also make use of the intuitive HD Rumble feature. Thumper is coming to Nintendo Switch in Spring of this year. Drool, the studio behind the title describes Thumper on their website as the following:

Thumper is rhythm violence: classic rhythm-action, blistering speed, and brutal physicality. You are a space beetle. Brave the hellish void and confront a maniacal giant head from the future.

Recently on Twitter, the official Thumper twitter account responded to a fan stating that they’re headed towards 60 frames per second and confirmed that the HD Rumble feature will be present:



  1. People get itchy about 30FPS to 60FPS is because the difference is night and day. Running at 30 and then going to 60 is just different and better for overall gameplay. Uncharted 4 does 30FPS in story and when you play the online at 60, you see such an improvement. Doom is another example of what 60FPS accomplish in games, and from my understanding, that game goes higher than 60 at times. The game runs just amazing. FPS matters a lot, but clearly not more than controlling and gameplay.

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