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Switch Version Of Little Inferno And World Of Goo To Support Local Multiplayer

Tomorrow Corporation is launching three titles on the North American Nintendo Switch eShop tomorrow. Those games are World of Goo, Little Inferno, and Human Resource Machine. The company has stated that Little Inferno on the Nintendo Switch will feature local multiplayer for the first time. The details can be found, below.

Q: Multiplayer Little Inferno, a Switch exclusive?!

A: Yes! The brand new Switch Edition is the first and only version of Little Inferno to feature multiplayer. Now you can drag a friend through your personal existential crisis! It’s incredibly satisfying to rip things apart and burn it all down with a friend. Also perfect for couples.



  1. A small error in your report – Little Inferno will feature multiplayer for the first time but World of Goo has had it before – indeed since its first iteration on the Wii. That was a great way to fall out with your friends.

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