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Battle Princess Madelyn Kickstarter Surpassed $60k Goal In Just Five Days, Nintendo Switch Version Confirmed

In just three days the Kickstarter for Battle Princess Madelyn, a game that harks back to the Ghouls ‘n Ghosts era, has met its first goal of raising an impressive $60,000. The title is being developed by a company called Casual Bit Games. By hitting this milestone it means that the game will be making its way on to the Nintendo Switch. Here are some points about the new title taken from their Kickstarter page:

  • A mix of fast-paced classic arcade action, with adventure elements of classic games from the golden age of console gaming..
  • Highly detailed hand drawn pixel art brought to life by the magical lighting of the Unity Engine.
  • Battle Princess Madelyn can be played through quickly as an arcade game, or for the full experience plays can stop at towns to help the locals! How you play to complete the story depends on your personal choice!
  • Find all of the collectibles hidden throughout the stages for extra rewards, and additional hidden stages!
  • 10 levels, each of which includes up to 5 stages – including 1 or 2 branching hidden stages. Heavily detailed stages full of puzzles, dangerous platforming, and various game play styles!
  • Fully re-playable stages at any point – if you’ve unlocked it, you can play it as much as you want!



    1. The game is also coming out for the PS4, Wii U, Windows & Xbox One. Now, if it wasn’t coming out on Switch then people like you would be bitching about how it’s coming out on every other system and not the Switch. You guys really need to learn how to be happy.

      1. Nope I wouldn’t care if its not released for switch , I do care that GTA , Titanfall, Mass Effect and so on aren’t getting released on switch.

        Your always bitching btw i’m just expressing my honest opinion cause , I don’t like the way things are going with Nintendo for people who care about triple A games.

        1. Nobody wants Titanfall or the lazily made Mass Effect Andromeda. Unless you’re unemployed, get a PS4 and Switch and between those two, you can play whatever the hell you want. I’d like NieR on Switch but that ain’t happening.

          And I believe both of your comments constitute as “bitching,” not his.

          1. Nobody wants those games? Hahahahaha your funny dude, and those where just examples I can name 30 more games that should be on switch but ain’t and never will be, unless we get some huge changes at the E3.

            Yes I can buy a PS4 and a Switch but than i’m buying a PS4 for 40 games and a Switch for 5.

            Giving a opinion thats not Pro Nintendo is usually considered bitching on this website, luckely I have been playing nintendo systems for nearly 30 years unlike many around here.

            Anyway in my humble opinion if a game is released on PC,PS4,Xbox and not Nintendo Switch something is wrong. If you or me like the those games or not is irrelevent.

            1. Sorry, let me rephrase. Nobody with an interest in actually compelling and stimulating gameplay wants those games. No, bitching on any website is considered bitching. You could be saying this on Sega Age or Sony Enthusiast and everyone would still say you’re bitching. You can criticize Nintendo all you want so long as you’re constructive (which you’re not) and not spamming (which you are). I agree, those games aren’t coming; I merely pointed out that those two games suck.

              And honestly, if you have time to play 40 AAA titles, you really need to go to school or get a job. I’d be happy with 15 on each console, and lucky to beat them all. BOTW is the first game I’ve played for more than 50 hours (still not done) because I usually don’t have time. And that rate has slowed since I’m busy again with actual life. There are like 10 PS4 games I want to date (including the upcoming Persona 5, Shenmue 3, and Ys VIII) and like 8 confirmed Switch titles I want within the next two years. I might actually exceed 20 Switch exclusives if they continue to release AAA exclusives at this rate (XC2, SMT, Tales, Octopath, FE, Mario, etc.). Half of those are third party; you and I both know their big IPs are coming to this console.

              1. 40 games over 5-7 years ain’t allot. I work 5 days a week , hit the gym 5 days a week, study, got a family at home and visit friends and family during the weekend. 45 minutes a day is already enough really.

                Your talking about constructive critisism , yet your saying those two games suck withouth giving us any information why they suck? Besides who are you to decide that they suck???? Titanfall 2 has a Metacritic score of 86 and yes I just found out that Mass Effect sucks but normally those are great games. And again its completly irrelevent what you or me think about any game it should be available for the people that wanna play it. When I go to a store and look at Nintendo games all I see is Million dollar question, My little pony and Expedition Robinson and more shit like that for the past 10 years so if you wanna talk about shitty games this is gonna be a long discussion.

                If big triple A games are coming to the Switch I will be the last person to make bad comments but the past 15 years don’t give me allot of hope. I would still not buy them btw cause other consoles got superior versions, but thats not the point..

                1. Yes, they do suck. And I can give you a social sentiment and conversation report on it if I wanted to prove to you that early conversation around those games were overwhelmingly negative, as I have the tools to do so working in analytics. I won’t, but I can tell you to trust me that it’s not pretty (by the way I was talking Titanfall 1, not 2). I should say that Titanfall 2 sucking is is purely subjective. Both single player campaigns are awful and I either like single player games or local multiplayer/co-op games. I’ve no interest in playing anything online with strangers outside of Dota 2 and Splatoon. I’m a big fan of the ME series, I’m really sad that Andromeda has been reviewing horribly. I’ll still probably get it, but my expectations have been drastically lowered.

                  Lol, then you’re walking into some horrible stores. Considering the GameCube and Wii had arguably the strongest exclusives of their generations (although I’m a personal fan of the OG Xbox SEGA games), I think the issue is you not knowing which games they are. Sorry you missed No More Heroes 1& 2, Red Steel 2, Sin & Punishment, the EXCELLENT Okami and RE4 ports, Ivy the Kiwi?, Trauma Team, Muramasa, Sonic Colors, The Last Story, Dead Space, A Boy and His Blob, and the myriad of first party titles on the Wii. It was truly a great console that more than catered to a “hardcore” crowd. If the “hardcore” crowd was truly “hardcore,” they’d know these games existed instead of COD, GTA, and every other generic online multiplayer and apocalyptic shooter. Also, now that I’ve given you a damn good list of 3rd party Wii titles, I recommend seeking them out and seeing what you missed out on since your crappy stores apparently didn’t stock them.

                  And again, big AAA titles are coming. They will have a Shin Megami Tensei, Tales (that I believe to be exclusive?), Project Octopath Traveler, Fire Emblem, and Xenoblade 2 within the first two years. That’s JUST the JRPG exclusives. AAA doesn’t mean multiplatform.

          2. (clears throat) ….-PC- and Switch.

            First, I’m not so fatalistic as to take it as a definite conclusion that none of the AAA titles will ever come to the Switch. User demand is the highest we’ve seen since the Wii, and preliminary figures are telling us this one may even outpace that. Pair demand with a completely revolutionary paradigm for playing games – and the revolutionary form-factor of the system, and anything’s possible! Yes, we know the Switch is less powerful than the XB1, and. Ore powerful than the WiiU, but it still seems we are a little unclear on just where in that spectrum the Switch lands. Even with the tegra “leak”, I’m still not sure we have detailed enough specs, or any sort of definitive benchmarking to absolutely settle the matter yet. And if things like the difference between, say, Fast RMX and Fast Racing Neo are any indication of things, then that looks just like the difference between launch-era PS4 and XB1 games and the PS3/360 games they were only modest up-ports of. Meaning this thing may be well closer to an XB1 in terms of power than it is the WiiU – which, of course, makes it powerful enough to do those AAAs justice…

            ….the only problem I see left is storage. Even with great compression, a lot of those games will take up more storage than the system has, meaning you’ll having to do a lot of SD card swapping. That alone may be enough to keep AAAs away. Indeed it may. And I am far more worried about storage as the deal-breaker than I am about CPU and GPU. But again, where here’s a will, there’s a way. And given the definite demand for the system, the definitely innovative and unique and revolutionary “transgenre” form-factor / use case, and the as-yet-not-ABSOLUTELY-refuted possibility of near XB1 performance potential…..there may well be a will.

            So how’s bout we all just “stay tuned” and wait and see?

            But even if we don’t get many AAAs for the Switch, does that mean it’s a failure or a lost cause? Only so much as that’s what it meant for the Wii, which no one would call a failure. So, yes, I want the AAAs as well. But is there life for the system without them? I say hell yes!

            1. But, back at last to what I said at the first, IF we assume a) that AAAs are never coming to Switch, and b) that Switch has a future without AAAs, but that c) AAAs are good and desirous, and that d) we’re willing to have two systems to get both worlds…..then forget PS4. Go PC.

              Look, I have PS4, and I love it. I also have XB1 and like it even more despite the minimal power deficiency. I also have a WiiU, and a 3DS, and a Vita and a PC, and a bunch of other systems going back to (and even beyond) the Atari 2600. Right around 40 is my total, with between 1200 and 1500 games (about 950 of which are in hard-copy.) So I think it can be said that I’m coming at this from a pretty wide-view, broad perspective.

              There are a lot of great things about the PS4, and it’s a great option if you can only have one system and want something that’s a solid compromise between performance and convenience (and price) if you’re willing to live without the flexibility that either a Switch, or in a completely different sense of the word, a PC could offer you. If that’s what you want, then PS4 or XB1 are really the only two really great options out there. The PC will be too unwieldy and clunky for you, and probably too expensive if you are going to put worthwhile components in there. And the Switch will be AT LEAST somewhat underpowered, and maybe quite a bit more underpowered yet, maybe with a dearth of AAAs, and even with a few good ones, still a much less robust showing, making the Switch perhaps too casual of a system for you. Plus, the library probably won’t be super strong for some time to come.

              But, if you’re wanting two systems by which to have a foot in both worlds, if you’re wanting the power of a AAA heavy system, AND the convenience and flexibility and charm of a Switch, that’s a very solid strategy! But skip the PS4 if you’re going to do that. From this perspective, the PS4 is nothing but a half-measure. Get a PC. Get amazing graphics that are truly amazing. Get the AAAs in their maximum, ultimate forms which make the PS4 games look like PS3 games (actually, the gap between PC and PS4 can be quite a bit more profound yet!)

              The PS4 is quite the respectable system. It truly is! So is the XB1! But compared to good PC hardware, they’re every bit as much a joke as the PS4 punks think the Switch is, and the solemn promise I make to anyone with a PS4 who because of their PS4’s power is laughing at the Switch…..I have a PC…..I’m laughing at you – I PROMISE!


            2. As I told the guy above, AAA does not mean multiplatform. Zelda and Mario are definitely AAA titles, as are SMT, Sonic Forces, and XC2. I just needed to get that out of the way as the interchangeable use of multiplat and AAA bugs me.

              As for the storage, it’s unfortunate, but anyone downloading digital games will have already purchased the biggest affordable microSD possible (probably 200GB as those can still be sub-$100) out of necessity, as you really can’t purchase AAA titles without one on Switch. If you buy physical (like me), then storage won’t be an issue. As for GPU and CPU limitations, I really don’t know. I’m positive some games won’t be possible to port (RDR2, probably).

              As for why I said PS4 over PC, it’s because I’m generally not a fan of most AAA multiplatform games as they are, to me, the same things with a new coat of paint, or merely online multiplayer experiences that I don’t care for (which also apply to the first part). I mean, Witcher and Dark Souls, sure, but I don’t need a Fallout, Dishonored, Destiny, For Honor, Titanfall, GTA, or COD/Battlefield. I do, however, love The Last Guardian, NieR, Horizon, and can’t wait for Crash trilogy, Persona 5, Ys VIII, and Shenmue 3 (physical copy backer woohoo!). I can’t get that on a PC or Switch, unfortunately.

      1. I hope they do more of this then. More quality games like this and Shovel Knight is auspicable, even if with retro (but well drawn) graphics.

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