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US: GameStop Says Nintendo Switch Sales Have Been “Phenomenal”

The recently released Nintendo Switch has proved to be a big hit in North America and GameStop has just reaffirmed that. GameRant managed to catch up with GameStop senior director of merchandising, Eric Bright, who believes that sales of the console could possibly eclipse the Wii in time due to initial sales being what he called “phenomenal.”

“The Nintendo Switch is off to a start right now that it could possibly eclipse the Wii. Initial sales on this have been phenomenal. I can’t give straight numbers, but I can say we’re seeing one of the highest attach rates of software and accessories to a device that we’ve seen in a long time.”

“We’re seeing tremendous success with the power chargers for the Nintendo Switch, as well as people coming in and picking up extra Joy-Con so people can turn it into a four-player device. We will soon be going online with all-new bundles. Because of the popularity of Zelda, which is one of my top picks, we’re putting together a Zelda bundle of hardware and accessories for customers to pick up online.”



    1. Sorry Quadranuggets…
      But your faith and vision has been blinded by what the lord Sasori Obinna Mii describes as 720p purgatory..
      Forgive them Obinna for they do not know what they do….

  1. A lot of the haters were like………

    ” The Switch is gonna be DOA ”

    ” BOTW won’t be enough to sell out any Switches at launch ”

    ” The Switch is gonna have the worst launch sales ever ”

    Fast forward to now……the Switch is Nintendo’s fastest selling console during a launch period. Not bad for a gaming system that had a bare bones launch lineup and bare bones system features and that many haters said would fail at launch. I wonder how much crow their eating now or have thrown up lol. Those haters had better hope a mainline Pokémon game doesn’t get released this year for the Switch because if it does it’s only gonna get worst for them lol.

    1. 2018 gaming line up….
      Yes, here’s what you have to look forward too after the feast of 2017 rehash…

      1-2.0 Switch (The Nightmare continues)
      Animal Crossing Switch
      Kirby’s (we dont care anymore bla bla bla) adventure.
      Kranky Kong Switch
      Metriod Federation Force Switch (Open world )

      1. Animal Crossing for Switch would be a rehash?
        Funny, you mean like Halo 5 is just a rehash of Halo 4,3,2,1?
        Or how about Forza 6, obviously that’s a rehash of Forza 5,4,3,2,1 surely?

        You really don’t know what a rehash is.

    2. A lot of us underestimated BotW. If you wanted to launch a console, Zelda BotW would be the system seller to do it with.

      I wouldn’t jinx yourself just yet, but yeah, BotW is a legendary game, even if it could run on any console, it’s Nintendo exclusive, and it is selling consoles.

      We’ll see if Nintendo’s sales hold out. With Zelda… they very well might.

    3. It didn’t beat out the PS4 when it first launched, but the Switch got freaking close.
      I’m rather happy I bought the Switch as it’s the only console to date now that has given me more enjoyment on a console than any of the other PC Wannabes, and I’m a PC Gamer.

      Switch is a perfect companion to PC as it’s a console that’s powerful enough to play the latest games with the latest engines but doesn’t try and be a “Gaming PC”. PS4 Pro and Xbox One X (Not even joking.. that’s the rumoured named for the “Scorpio” now) are just trying too hard to reach PC quality but in the end still end up weaker than even a PC at the same price.

  2. Breath Of The Wild is pretty phenomenal too. Every time I play it, I have a hard time stopping (my eyes are bloodshot from staring at it so much) . Though sometimes there’s so much to read, it gives me a headache. And I’ve been getting my butt handed to me by the boss in that Divine Beast elephant dungeon.

    1. You can use Cryonis to block the ice blocks it fires- better than wasting arrows doing so. If you knock it down, remember, both round and square bombs float, allowing you to get a bit more damage on it if you can multitask your attacks well.

  3. Nintendo have really done it then… Their games are well spaced out so there will be consistent releases. I also think that with games like Xenoblade Chronicles 2 launching this year and other unannounced games that will be shown at E3 later this year, the Switch is on point to sustain it’s momentum

  4. It’s sure gotten the attention of a lot of people. Marketing helps, but players showing it to their friends helps as well. Five of my friends want one now just by me showing them BoTW.

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